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How to Speed Up CloudFlare SSL on your WordPress Site

December 12, 2015 |

After CloudFlare made Universal SSL free and HTTP/2 available, I enabled those features on one of my websites. However, I didn’t see any improvement on the performance, some web pages were even loaded slower than before. Read More

How to Set Up CloudFlare SSL for your WordPress Site

December 5, 2015 |

CloudFlare has made SSL free for all accounts to encrypt the connection between its servers and web browsers. Recently, they’ve also enabled HTTP/2 to boost performance of websites using SSL/TLS, therefore, SSL is expected to be widely adopted in the upcoming time. Read More

CloudFlare Enables HTTP/2 to Make Websites Faster

December 4, 2015 |

Starting today, HTTP/2 – the successor to the HTTP protocol – will become widely adopted as CloudFlare announced that it has enabled HTTP/2 on your web property. This is the major upgrade optimized for the modern website—making CSS, JavaScript, image assets and any other resources load simultaneously without complicated techniques like domain sharding and file concatenation. Read More

How I Built and Sold a Niche Site for $29,900 on Flippa

November 21, 2015 | 6

I started building niche sites 4 years ago after I realized that it was too difficult to make living online with my authority site at TechWalls. Unfortunately, I kept losing money with the first 3 niche sites as my experiment with auto-generated content failed seriously. Then, I abandoned those sites, created a new niche site and hired a writer. Yet, I found little success with the site and finally sold it for just $800. Read More

Adsense Bans US Publishers for not Complying with EU Cookie Law?

November 17, 2015 |

Back in July, Google Adsense published a blog post announcing its new user consent policy. Google had to comply with requests from European Union data protection authorities, so they asked us to make some changes on our websites. Read More

5 Reasons You Should Not Buy WPEngine Hosting

November 16, 2015 |

Don’t get me wrong. I was a WPEngine customer and I really love quality of the service. However, I soon realized that this hosting is not suitable for all bloggers. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t spend your hard-earned money for the service. Read More