Adsense Bans US Publishers for not Complying with EU Cookie Law?

Back in July, Google Adsense published a blog post announcing its new user consent policy. Google had to comply with requests from European Union data protection authorities, so they asked us to make some changes on our websites.

Basically, the new EU Cookie Law requires us to clearly state that our websites are collecting data, storing and accessing cookies on end user’s device. As long as your site has visitors from any country in Europe and you are using Google products like Google Adsense, DoubleClick for Publishers or DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you are required to follow the new policy.


You can read more on what you need to do to comply with the law on Cookie Choices. The deadline to implement the user consent mechanism was September 30. The news obviously scared publishers to death, especially who rely on Adsense as the only revenue stream. I’ve seen those panic and anxiety all over in the last few months, many publishers are also confused about the rule, how to implement it properly, and they are not sure if Adsense accounts of US publishers will be banned if they won’t follow the rule. Some websites use a notification bar floating on bottom while some others use more aggressive pop-up messages to ask readers to opt in.

I decided not to change anything on my website. Here are the reasons:

1. I forgot to implement the user consent mechanism on my site. It’s been nearly 2 months and I haven’t received any warning from Google.

2. Richard Zippel, a Google’s product manager for publisher quality, mentioned the concern at PubCon 2015. He said:

“If you don’t put up the EU notice, that doesn’t put you in violation of AdSense policy.”

I think that Google won’t act as a prosecutor and ban accounts that fail to meet the EU directive.

3. Huge US-based websites are using Adsense but they don’t have any message to inform readers of cookie collection.

4. Even in the worst case that your Adsense account is banned, this is actually an opportunity to try new revenue sources.

Are you complying with the EU Cookie Law? Do you think Google will ban your Adsense account?

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