Amazon Mobile Popover Ad Review – The 30-Day Experiment

Amazon started testing the new Mobile Popover Ads earlier last year and now it is widely available for all Amazon Associates accounts. This is a promising ad format to drive more sales, Amazon even said that you can earn up to 30% more.

Basically, the popover will show up on the bottom of the screen on all Android and iOS phones. When Amazon detects an Amazon link, the popover will display the according product with some info like product name, ratings, price and a small image. The commission percentage is the same as other formats in your Associates account. Notice that the links in the popover ads are affiliate links but it won’t convert your existing Amazon links to affiliate links. You can watch the video below to know how to set it up and see the popover in action.

I placed the code on my website for a month and expected it could drive more sales, however, the result is so disappointing. It generated just 24 clicks and there was not a single sale during the period. I really don’t understand why others have positive reviews with the service, it just didn’t work in my case. This is also the lowest-performing ad format on my website.


Besides, I don’t really like the popover because it makes my website a little slower. When readers scan and skim, the popover even won’t show up, they will have to stop scrolling for a while when the links are on screen to see the popover.

I was not successful with the new Amazon ad, so I decided to remove it after 30 days. However, it doesn’t mean that you will fail too. Experiment on your website and let me know the result below.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Mobile Popover Ad Review – The 30-Day Experiment”

  1. hello,
    i applied amazon popover ads codes as per their instructions on our blogger template but nothing is showing up. I parsed the codes and put just above tag but still they are not working. just help in case to try something.

    Choozurmobile . com (pl have a look in android or apple)


  2. “Mobile popover” is not even working on my site. Don’t know why!

    I tried Diasbing Caching Plugin too… but nothing worked…. Plz Help,

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