These Apps Can Help Prevent Blogger Burnout

Managing a blog can be a breeze in the beginning. Looking for your first comment, or even mention can even be fun.

However, once the traffic begins to flow in, you have more that you have to consider with your blog. This is the point when analytics have to come in order, you have to know more about your audience, what they like, what posts they aren’t reading, and how to make your editorial calendar accordingly. Blogging may still be fun, and when it becomes a full time job, it can even be a dream come true, however this doesn’t mean that it is without its stresses. These apps for iOS and Mac can hopefully help alleviate some of the stresses that come with blog management.


As a blogger, you are constantly adding photos and media to your computer for articles and editing. However, what happens after the article is published is usually different for each blogger. Some bloggers are well organized and know what can be trashed after an article is published, however, others aren’t so organized and may have random files hidden throughout their Mac, making it hard to trash the unnecessary files in the end.


Magican helps to easily clean your Mac of files that aren’t necessary, those that are apparent like files we download ourselves, and those not so apparent like language packs and other unnecessary files that are riders on many applications.


One of the biggest stresses for bloggers is organization during the writing process. It isn’t as easy as just opening up WordPress and typing away. Many times, writers have part-time jobs while still having writing assignments to get in if they are writing for or with someone else. This makes organization required.

Evernote is the note-taking app that really works the way you want it to. I know of some bloggers who use it as a place to keep links,quotes, and webpages to refer back to in an article. Others type up their full articles in Evernote, where you can do anything from sharing with the editor to exporting right in Evernote. I use a mix of all of this. I type within Evernote if I am blogging on the go. I also use Evernote as a place to create and keep a monthly editorial calendar, allowing me to plan ahead of time.


It is very difficult for me to keep my attention on something for a very long time when I am kept stationary. I’ve tried everything, even changing my office setup, none of it helped. I then looked into the Pomodoro technique, one in which you set to-do list and then set a time limit in how long you want to complete each time.


The timer starts and you get going. When you know that you have a time limit to get things done, you are less likely to rush but more likely to want to achieve the goal of finishing on time. This technique, when timed at a reasonable rate, has allowed me to blast through my work and finish at a reasonable time (unlike 3Am, like before). 30/30 is a free Pomodoro-inspired app that has a stunning interface.

iA Writer (Mac/iOS)

Once you have the Pomodoro technique down, there are still other opportunities where distraction can arise, leading to stress. iA Writer is a new way to look at creating posts for your blog. iA Writer, available for both Mac and iOS users, allows you to type without distraction.

You are given a blank screen, free from writing options, the distraction of your desktop, and even the feature to prevent distraction from the surrounding text in your own piece. With the ability to have your text saved in the cloud, you can begin typing in the morning on your Mac, and continue on your iPhone during the train ride to your day job.


As mentioned before, the stresses of blogging are correlated to the increase in your blogging audience. This means that analytics is an issue that will be newly introduced to you. Most bloggers make use of Google analytics. If you will be as well, Dashalytics is a great application that allows you to keep track of your website’s traffic right from your Mac. It isn’t meant to replace visiting the Google Analytics website to stay on top of the specifics, but it ensures that you are still kept in the loop in some way.

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