What Are The Biggest Defects In Mobile Casinos?

What are mobile casinos doing wrong? They are, after all, riding a rising trend. More and more users are gambling directly from their phones day after day.

However, it is not so simple. In fact, a lot of small things have the potential to knock your casino straight out of business. The guys at evenbetgaming.com know enough about gaming software development to tell you about the most common flaws in mobile casino app designs.

Poor compatibility

While iOS-based phones don’t differ that much in screen sizes or OS versions, Android-powered devices are an actual nightmare when it comes to compatibility. The same app can work well on a Samsung Galaxy running Android 6.0 and it won’t work on a Xiaomi phone with the same OS. Android is just too flexible and easily customizable – every manufacturer adds something unique into it making their phone look nice while transforming the life of an Android developer into agony.

The worst part is that you can’t prevent this from happening. Compatibility testing on actual devices is the only real solution you may have. I’d suggest going for a professional QA lab for when it comes to these purposes.

Heavy UI

Mobile design is different from its desktop-based counterpart. You can’t go all in with it. Phones hate heavy apps filled with over the top navigation functionality. More often than not casino owners try to clone their sites on mobile devices while they should really only consider porting the login screen and the games. That’s it! A pop up informing users about current promos and bonuses will be enough to make the picture whole.

Anything beyond this functionality will be a waste of time and resources. Users will hate a heavy app and they won’t gamble with it. You don’t need that to happen to your casino – do you?


What will happen if your user wins a jackpot and his connection breaks down because he was on the go and entered the subway? If this will result in the loss of the prize – imagine the frustration that person will experience. Will he play with your casino app for much longer? That’s unlikely.

Here’s an even worse scenario – a user may be submitting money into his account when the connection breaks and the money gets lost. Imagine explaining how you didn’t steal them in the first place?

That noted, both of these guys will go to their social media accounts or even specialized forums with the sheer goal of butchering your reputation. You made them angry and now they will take away your clients. Wouldn’t it be better to check for connectivity issues before these cases even happen?

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