100 Links From One Huge Blog, Or One Link From 100 Smaller Blogs?

So, you might be one of the many bloggers who like to write articles about what they do best: blogging.  How to blog, when to advertise, and why guest posts are beneficial seem to be a couple of hot topics in this niche that most of these writers have done an article on at some point in the past.  From writing these posts, they have learned that links that come from guest blogging are arguably one of the best types of links (behind natural, unprovoked links.)  But, the question is, do you want to land a gig with a huge blog like Mashable and get tons of links from them, or do you want to write for dozens of different sites and get links from all of them?

Decide What You Are Looking For

100 Links From A Huge Blog

If I were to somehow land a guest blogging opportunity with a site like Mashable, that would be amazing and I would knock over a few of the tables in my house just for fun.  (Relevant.)  Then, I would remember not to get ahead of myself, because I know what kind of links I am looking for.  While I would be ecstatic about all of the referrals I would get from my guest post, I would also recognize the fact that many of these readers are loyal to Mashable.  If your content is just like theirs is, then, chances are, readers aren’t going to remove their loyalty from a giant site like that.

Chain Links

So, this is what it breaks down to: you do five posts for Mashable per month, and you undoubtedly get ten thousand million gazillion referrals.  Great – this is perfect for boosting traffic numbers, getting some new subscribers, and perhaps getting Google to recognize you.  But, the truth is, this isn’t going to have huge benefits for you in terms of SEO.  If you have a strong landing page, have content that complements that of Mashable’s (isn’t exactly the same, but is similar), and have a strong history of building an email subscriber base, then spending most of your time writing for this giant would be a great idea.  Since you’re obviously an expert when it comes to hooking readers, you have a huge potential for building a larger subscriber base off of referrals.  So, to summarize, 100 Links From One Huge Blog = Tons Of Traffic and Potential To Build Your Subscriber Base

100 Links From Different, Smaller Blogs

This side of guest blogging doesn’t have much potential for traffic increase in the typical sense.  These sites aren’t as popular as others, so you’re not getting very many visitors getting sent to your site.  Sounds like a waste of time, right?  Wrong.  Google has a history of valuing a site that has 100 links from different, smaller sites higher than a blog that has 100 links from one large blog.  Of course, optimally, you would want to have 100 links from 100 different huge blogs, but that is kind of unrealistic.  If you guest blog for many sites around your niche, you won’t really see a huge growth in your subscriber base, but, eventually (within a few months of publishing all of these posts) you should see a major increase in organic traffic from search engines, which have now valued you as much more useful than before you got these links. So, in summary, 100 links from different, smaller blogs = long-term SEO and organic traffic benefits

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