Boost Your Web Hosting Reseller Business with 5 Simple Tips

Starting a web reseller hosting business is easy. You purchase a reseller hosting package from the provider and start selling it in smaller parts. The difficult part is getting customers to know about your services and trust your business enough to buy a hosting plan through you. Most hosting resellers work on a target group of people and carry out various marketing, and promotional campaigns focused on them. While this is a good ploy, in this article, we will share five simple tips to help you boost your web hosting reseller business.

Tip #1. Use Google Ads

Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads can help you improve your ranking in the search engine results page providing more visibility to your website. However, it is important to understand that since this is a paid service, you need to assess your ROI (return on investment) carefully before using Google Ads.

Tip #2. Make your Customers your Brand Ambassadors

If you have 10 happy customers, then an active referral program can attempt to get these customers to refer some prospective customers to you in exchange for some benefits. This is probably the cheapest form of an effective marketing strategy and also helps in creating a positive brand image. Most reseller hosting billing systems offer the facility of an inbuilt affiliate or referral system.

Tip #3. Express yourself

As a business, if you expect people to visit your website only when they want to purchase a product or service and leave you in solitude; otherwise, then you are mistaken. Consumers expect more out of businesses today than merely selling services. They need to offer valuable advice and insights into their domain of operation and make lives simpler for their customers. Share knowledge and experience. You can blog or start a video series or even share infographics – the bottom line is that you must express yourself as a business.

Tip #4. What do your customers say about you?

Right from cars to needles, vacation packages to academic courses, people check for reviews before buying anything. They want to know about the experience of the existing customers of the business. Most happy customers don’t tend to log in to your website and write a review. It’s usually the unhappy ones who express their anger via reviews. Hence, it is important that you proactively seek out customers who are happy with your services and request them to write a review or testimonial for you.

Tip #5. Search Engine Optimization

This is a no-brainer, especially in today’s times. With search engines driving a majority of the traffic to websites, optimizing your site for search engines is an absolute must. If you can hire an SEO expert, then he/she will take care of this. Else, you can find tips to help improve your SEO rankings and help your website rank well.

Summing Up

Following these tips will ensure that you experience a boost in sales. Even if you have been following these tips intermittently, go back and revisit them to see if you can do anything better to grow your business. As a hosting reseller, it is important to come across as a reliable and active business as people want their web host to be always available for any concerns. Keep these aspects in mind before starting a reseller hosting business. We hope that these tips help you boost your business. Do share any other tips that you might have for our readers in the comments section below.

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