Can You Get A Virus On Your Android?

Androids are complex operating systems which function much like mini-computers. And as with other complex devices, Androids are subject to malware. In the past, there have been vulnerabilities found in Android software that leaves users susceptible to hackers. Here is a bit more on what kind of viruses you can get and how to prevent this so you can protect your phone.

Can You Really Get A Virus?: Not in the strictest sense. A computer virus is defined as malware that can replicate itself throughout the device. The good news is that there is not something exactly like that for cell phones. However, your cell phone can still be infected with malware which can endanger your phone and your personal information. Many people have come to refer to all forms of “malware” as a “virus,” but regardless of your personal terminology preference, your phone is still at risk. Not only is your phone at risk, but also all of your personal network’s devices as well. Technology is all linked, if a hacker finds a way to breach one device, they can easily continue their attack to others.

How Does It Happen?: There are three major ways for a cell phone to be infected or hacked. First, unsecured internet connection allows others to see your personal information and interact with your phone. Second, are operating system errors which leave your phone vulnerable to attack. Finally, there are unwanted apps that are spontaneously installed or are installed by something else. If an app is asking to store your passwords, or access your email, this is definitely a sign of trouble. It is very important to make sure any apps you are downloading are reputable and have a large user-base. Just because an app if found in the iTunes or Google Play store, does not ensure it is safe. There are millions of apps circulating throughout these stores, it is almost impossible to monitor every single one.

What To Do: Make sure to avoid unsecured connections and to update your phone’s operating system. You should regularly scan your phone for suspicious apps- especially ones that ask for access to your email or passwords. You should also download an antivirus app compatible with your smartphone. For instance, if you have an Android, you can download a variety of free Android antivirus apps– just make sure that the app is coming from a credible source. A particular highly reviewed antivirus app is that of AVG. This App already has over 100 million downloads, so you can be sure this a credible source.

Downloading a good antivirus protection app and remaining vigilant are some of the best ways to protect your phone.

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