Can You Receive Refund After Paypal Account is Permanently Limited?

As you probably know, my Paypal was permanently limited and I almost couldn’t do anything with it. I couldn’t send, receive money or send refunds. Here are details of permissions with the limited account:


Basically, the account is useless and all you can do is waiting a few months for your funds to be released. However, the problem is that I returned a merchandise on eBay and the seller would send me the refund after my account is limited, would I be able to receive it?

The answer is yes fortunately. I received the full refund but the amount was sent to my Paypal account instead of my bank account although the original payment used the funds from my bank. Therefore, you will need to wait more 180 days to receive the refund to your bank.

5 thoughts on “Can You Receive Refund After Paypal Account is Permanently Limited?”

  1. Hello Sir!
    My Paypal Account Got Limited On 5 December 2014
    No Almost 200 days Passed
    Still i’m Not able to withdraw it 🙁
    What to do now?

  2. I’m waiting for a dispute refund which should go in on the 3rd of April – will it go in? And will I be able to get the refund out of PayPal? Annoying as the whole point of paypal is to be protected.

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