How To Cash In on the Kindle Ebook Craze through Amazon Associates

Since its launch, the Kindle series of eReaders has sold millions of units. Amazon’s entry into the tablet market was solidified through their Kindle Fire; the Kindle software is commonplace on every type of digital device.

What does all of this mean? Simple: Amazon has carved a gigantic niche in the book industry and, due to their incredible brand, opened new markets in which you can earn a healthy affiliate income through the Amazon Associates program.

Amazon Associates in 100 Words

Amazon Associates is the built-in affiliate program for and other brands under control of Amazon. Once you have an account, you can promote any product on the Amazon owned domains and earn upwards of 7% of commission on every item you sell.

The two greatest element of using the Amazon Associates program:

  • Amazon is a highly trusted brand which creates repeat customers
  • Amazon has done extensive website testing to improve conversions

All-in-all, Amazon Associates is an affiliate program you should be active with when building an affiliate marketing business. The ability to offer physical and digital products, in an easy manner, makes the program one of the best in the business.

Cashing in on Kindle

So, what does Amazon Associates have to do with all of this?

Coupled with the explosive growth of the Kindle eReaders and the existing juggernaut that is, you now have an extremely viable affiliate income source through the sale of Kindle ebooks (whether it’s your own or if you’re choosing from the millions of listings).

There are two modes of thought when you’re promoting Kindle books:

  1. You’re not going to get a high commission since books are generally cheap
  2. You’re able to do high volume of sales because the books are so cheap

I know, it sounds like a flip-flop but what’s awesome about the Kindle marketplace is the ability for anyone to publish a book. Add in the fact that a book can be free or low as $0.99 and you’ve just removed a huge barrier for people buying books online.

In a lot of ways, Kindle has done what Apps did for Apple and other smartphone. Small, 99cent apps are a steal compared to their big software counterparts. The same can be said with Kindle. Why purchase a hardback book for $15 when you can snag it for half the price through the Kindle store?


Playing the Volume Game

To earn a great amount of income through Amazon Associates and Kindle, you need to focus on volume which takes into a lot of strategies that may not necessarily be in your current skillset.

Such skills include:

  • Keeping up-to-date with book releases
  • Watching trends to see a rise in interest about a book or author
  • Access to materials to promote the book properly
  • Working in a hierarchical manner to increase your volume

The best long-term strategy for success through promoting Kindle books has definitely beenkeeping up-to-date because this allows you to quickly put together a web page, review, and start building links around a hot, up-and-coming book. Besides monitoring the Kindle store, you should also be active within book communities which will often share release dates. Better yet, if you can get your hands on an advance copy to create a review the moment the book goes live – you’re a winner.

Second, your best bet for capitalizing on Kindle books is through trend watching. Remember how quickly Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games took off? Well, if you can see the trends than you can make an extremely handsome income if you position yourself at the right time. The best use for trends would be to quickly get together a fan website around the book (if applicable) and stay tuned to see if it turns into a movie deal. If you’re lucky, you could be the main player for the books’ market.

Third, major publications have PR managers which will aid with promoting books. In this case, you’re working with a publishing company to get access to promotional materials which will help give your marketing a greater edge over the competition. All it really takes is a bit of research to find the PR department (or the author) and you could find yourself with insider news and cool releases before it goes out to the public.

Lastly, the name of the game is volume in which you’ll want to create a hierarchy in your website so people can easily discover related books. Like Amazon, you’ll want to display offerings that would be relevant to your visitors whether it’s books within the same series or related authors in the genre. Book lovers buy books do so in volume (grabbing 2 or 3 at a time) – help them find what’s out there and you’ve just landed an increase in sales.

Additional Tips for Promoting Kindle Books

Now, before you go, I wanted to leave you with a few additional tips for getting the most from your work with Kindle books.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • Niche it down. Match the Kindle books to the type of content you readily create. Have a horror movie review website? Share only Horror books. So on and so forth. Generally speaking, people that geek out for certain genres will also check out different media; this means additional earnings on top of your other promotions (especially if you couple in Amazon Associates).
  • Read the book. Don’t try to fake the reviews because people will generally catch on. Get into the reading mode and just dig through the book – understand the story – learn about the characters. If you have good knowledge of the book than you’ll be able to create great content that will get people talking.
  • Promote the physical products. Don’t settle for just books, promote the Kindle readers and cases too. The Kindles and cases will generally earn you a higher commission. You could create an entire series around getting started with eReaders; doing so will entice people to come back since you’re the one that got them into the market.

In all, utilize what you’ve learned through niche marketing and website development but focus it at this explosive market in eBooks. Sign up for Amazon Associates, setup a site, and get working on carving out your niche. The earnings may seem small at first but it will all come into place if you put in the time.

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