Review – Terrible Experience

You probably read my previous post and know that I had to file a DMCA notice after my pages are outranked by scrapers.

After failing to report the case to Google, I had to find another solution and was my next attempt. I was confident because the domain is legit and they offer a variety of services, including:

  • DMCA Takedown Case Management System
  • Generate Do It Yourself Takedown notices
  • Watermarker Program
  • Website Scanner
  • Specialized DMCA ProtectionPro Badge
  • Protection Verification
  • Website Detective

I tried to go with the DIY takedown since the professional takedown is too expensive at $199. I paid $10 to start using the account. Be aware that this is a subscription-based service, so they will charge monthly. Make sure to cancel the service if you no longer need it.

Following is the form to create the takedown notice.



After filling all the information, you will be able to download a DMCA notice in a PDF file, so that you can send it to the hosting provider of infringing websites. However, the problem is that most hosting providers have their own forms and they won’t accept the notice. Therefore, the notice from is useless.

I also tried other services from the website but they are quite terrible as well. For instance, the Copy Scanner service is supposed to help find out all infringing webpages but all they showed me are some social accounts with my posts.


So, the money was wasted and I found out that the best solution is to work directly with Google or hosting providers to deal with content scrapers.

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