Etiquette of Blogging: Do’s and Don’ts

There’s millions, billions or even trillion blogs in the blogosphere. In the sense, you need to compete with these trillions in the bloggers’ arena to stand out from the rest and get high page ranks in Google. And do you think, just updating your blog every day and driving traffic is going to get you the desired results?

Well, the answer will be a big ‘NO,’ if you don’t consider the etiquette of blogging. Yes! It’s those tricks and tips that every successful blogger should be aware of. But, unfortunately, nobody is really good at it!

So, want to be a successful blogger? Then, go ahead! Read this article! Here I have shared the list of Do’s and Don’ts of blogging that if followed can help your blog in ranking high:


Believe in Google’s strategy – ‘Content is the King!’ Have your blog updated regularly with unique and fresh contents. It’s not just about uniqueness, your content needs to be informative and interesting enough to grab your readers’ attention. Posting blogs on latest topics can drive humongous traffic, but if the article is not engaging, then you are only going to end up in high bounce rates. At the same time, avoid using plagiarized content as Google might mark your blog as spam and you might be banned in the blogosphere.

DO update your blog at regular periods with unique, interesting and informative contents.
DON’T post plagiarized content on your blog.

Optimize Images:

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has been the mantra for more than a century. If you ask me, I don’t believe in a picture conveying thousand words, but I think posting a picture attracts at least a thousand viewers. Honestly! It’s surely worth it! Especially if the pictures are optimized, then the chances of driving traffic are really high.

DO post and optimize images related to the content.
DON’T post copyrighted images as it might end up in a big problem.

Internal Linking:

Even with the same promoting strategy, not all the posts in your blog get the equal amount of traffic. At times like these, why can’t you interlink your blogs and drive traffic equally. Add links of posts from your blog relevant to the content you are posting and get your readers read it. With internal linking, you can see a dramatic increase in your traffic rates of your blog. When it comes to external linking, avoid having your link posted on spammy sites or blogs with low quality content. Trust me! This can turn to be negative SEO.

DO link your posts internally.
DON’T link to spammy sites or low quality contents.

Respond to your readers:

Do you want your readers to visit your blog again? If yes, then try to build a good relationship with your readers by responding to their comments. Whether it’s an appreciation or a critic or a doubt, reply to them with an appropriate answer. This will create a good impression about you and your blog and the readers will surely visit your blog when they need any kind of information in a friendly tone. If the readers just need information, then they would rather visit Wikipedia and not your blog. So, you need to sound friendly, for your blog to attract more number of readers.

DO respond to the comments immediately.
DON’T sound professional.

Share on Social Networking sites:

You have a Blog and you have readers too! But, is that enough? Do you wish to get more followers? Then, be social and spread the word in social networking sites! If your blog is interesting and engaging, you are bound to get more number of followers in just a few days. Check out for the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. and have your posts shared in all the sites. Create a fan page and get your readers follow you. Of course, this is your ultimate goal. Isn’t it?

DO share your posts on various social networking sites.
DON’T forget your goal to get more and more followers and increase your traffic.

That’s it! These are the few simple, but important Do’s and Don’ts in blogging. And now, just reading this information is not going to help unless you follow it. So, follow these simple tips and get your blog to top the list of blogs. Wait! Blogging isn’t about hard work, but is all about smart and innovative work. Just relax and get started creatively!

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