5 World Famous Bloggers’ Quotes that will Upgrade your Blog to the Next Level

The art of blogging is possibly the coolest thing in the world.

With the expansion of social media, having a popular blog where thousands of reader listen to and share what you have to say can open A LOT of doors and bringing many rewards.

But… ( don’t you hate it there is always a ‘but’ to all the good stuff?)…

Mastering the awesome art of blogging takes heaps of time,energy, effort, dedication and endless flow of creativity.

But… ( don’t you love it there is always a”but” to all the bad stuff?)…

Before I scare you away from even start a blog, I would love to introduce you to the epic quotes from several World Famous bloggers who has really mastered the art of blogging.

How do I know they have mastered it? Because EVERYONE in the blogosphere seems to know who they are, a single blog post from their blog can influence the whole blogosphere and of course, they MAKE TONES OF MONEY.


Without any delay, let’s dwell straight to the well of knowledge from these World Famous bloggers and benefit your blog straight away.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Why is he famous? His niche is passive income- a rather competitive niche but Pat manages to stand out from the crowd by maximizing his take on transparency and honesty on the internet. This is done by Pat breaking down his HUGE monthly income to the cent. The series is very detailing and encouraging, not only for newbie bloggers but also for professional bloggers as well.

What he said? Drive like they’re crazy. Blog like they’re lazy.

Why it benefits you? This quote from Pat is a nice sum-up of how to get your readers to do anything FOR YOU. With the increasing widespread of social media, Facebook and Twitter has made it so EASY for information to be shared. Your job as a blogger is to make it as easy as 1-CLICK BUTTON for people to find, read and share your content.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habbits

Why is he famous? Leo is a great writer who write powerful articles a week on. It seems his niche is about gratitude towards life. He blogs once or twice about simplicity, health & fitness, motivation and inspiration, frugality, family life, happiness, goals, getting great things done, and living in the moment. And of course, Zen Habbits happen to be one of the top 25 blogs and top 50 website in the world ( according to TIME) with 225,000 readers.

What he said? The best goal is no goal

Why it benefits you? This quote seems to contradict with almost everything we believe in and for some people (myself included) goal setting and achieving goals has been an essential part in achieving success. However, what I got out of this quote for us-bloggers is Leo’s message tolive and think freely, with no limits, which ultimately will increase our blogging productivity, hence the popularity of your blog. Bloggers can implement this “no-goal” mindset by 1/ Start small ( but consistent) projects so we won’t lose interest. 2/ Stop worrying about mistakes – Sure everyone makes mistakes, it’s what you learn from those mistakes differ yourself from the crowd. 3/ Everything will be ok.

Darren Rowse from Problogger

Why is he famous? Darren is one of the great pillars of the blogosphere, If you are a blogger but have not heard of Darren Rowse, it means you having living under s rock for so long. With over 320,000 active readers his influence in the blogophere is HUGE, a slot in guest posting in his blog will guarantee some pretty massive spikes of traffic back to your site.

What he said? There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination you can get there.
Why it benefits you? This is gold not only for bloggers, but for anyone doing anything. Really, without the TED ( Time, Energy and Determination) any success is short-lived. Darren has been blogging since 2002, he foresees the great potential of blogging, put a lot of effort into creating content and with nearly 10 years blogging, we must give Darren a medal for such great determination. This may sound cliche, it’s true that the rewards are definitely worthwhile for those who put in 110%. effort.

Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs- Journey

Why is he famous? Yaro has created, managed and sold several different Internet businesses since 1998 (FUN FACT: That’s 18 years after Apple Inc went public =). His sites and products have taught thousands of people how to make a full time income from blogging part time and how to launch online information products. He has managed to generate 500 K/ year doing what he loves through the platform of online businesses. Awesome!

What he said? You Are As Good As The People Around You

Why it benefits you? I can’t stress how important this is to bloggers. Connecting with like-minded bloggers, promoting your business and your personal brand is a MUST DO in any blogger’s to-do list. Surround yourself with positive people, those you can learn from, those who help you, those who motive you. The people you hang with really reflect who you are. However, life is fair. The positive, helpful bloggers who you can befriend for life only come when you genueinly open your mind, help others first and THEN they will help you.

John Chow at John Chow dot com

Why is he famous? Even though English is his second language, John Chow has successfully achieved and shown his readers what the dot com lifestyle is all about. He is one of the most well-known internet marketers in the blogosphere. The fact that his site has nearly 200,000 visitors EVERY DAY is saying something. This is definitely very encouraging for bloggers whose English is not their first language.

What he said? Time and money is something that everyone tries to achieve. It’s a paradox. For people who have a lot of money like a CEO or business owners who work at regular business, they got money but they got no time to spend it because they are always working. And then on the opposite end, you got people who have a lot of time but they got no money. So, what good is that? The ideal is to have both and that’s one of the things the Internet and blogging has provided for me…

Why it benefits you? As bloggers (be it casual, part-time or full time), we often strike to fulfill our desire of time (to spend with loved ones) and money (to spend on loved ones). The internet has definitely provided an awesome platform in which we can let our knowledge, creativity, personality shine and earn both time and money at the same time. Our job as bloggers is to appreciate that beauty of the internet and constantly try harder and harder to make that dream (achieving both time and money) a reality. I know I am right on that path and enjoy every single second of the journey.

There you have it! five exceptional famous bloggers, five different blogging styles, five different messages but one ultimate goal-to help boost your blogging career and your blog to the next level.

Let me know in the comment section which blogger(s) impact the way you blog and why?


Keep rocking guys!

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