Finalized Youtube Earnings Are A Lot Lower Than Estimated Revenue, Will Google Adsense Pay You?

I’ve made money from Google Adsense and Youtube for years but this is the first time I’ve seen the issue. When I checked the payment report in my Adsense account, I saw a huge difference between the finalized earnings and estimated revenue shown in Youtube Analytics.

Normally, the actual earnings are not exactly the same as the estimated revenue but they should be pretty close. In this case, the disparency was abnormal last month. I received just 25% of the estimated amount, so I knew there must be something wrong with my account.

After researching the issue on Google, I couldn’t find out any solution. Fortunately, Youtube has an option to contact them directly via email. You can go to any page on Youtube Help (, you will see the option to contact support. Choose the category of your problem (Monetization & AdSense, Copyright & Content ID claims, Policy & Community Guidelines, Channel & video features), then you will just need to fill in your name, channel URL and describe the issue.

1 day later, I received an email from Youtube support, and it seems like this is a problem on their side. The email reads:

Thanks for sharing your concern about your earnings for November. Over the next month, payment from your YouTube channel may be delayed. We know this is important to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Now I will just wait to see when Youtube will pay the rest of my earnings. Check back this post later for more updates.

Update: Finally, the payment was credited to my Adsense account in January 2017, that means it is 2 months late.

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  1. That is a serous problem and sometimes i doubt the future of google adsense especially as more people are depending at it as a way of money money

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