5 Freelance Websites to Get a Designer

When you are starting or growing your own website, there are a lot of moving parts that go into a successful product. Not only is the content prime, you must ensure that the face of website is one that is in touch with current design trends.

However, there is a huge chance that you may not be completely in touch with the current design trends, especially if your website isn’t in a technology niche. This is why those who aren’t gifted in web design venture off to hire a designer to help out. This is where a freelancer comes in, providing quality work for a lower costs. Here are five where you can find the right one for you.



Dribbble is the more visually creator, designer cousin of GitHub. Along with being a great place for designers and illustrators to showcase their talents, Dribbble is also a great place for individuals to find designers and illustrators for their next project. In addition, it’s important to remember that because it is invite-only, the pickings are usually a lot better. You won’t have trouble finding an invitation, especially if you are in tech/blogging/writing sector. However, for $240 for a month’s long listing, it is certainly premium pickings for a premium price.


Sortfolio is a great Dribbble alternative for individuals not looking to pay a premium price. This, of course doesn’t mean that the quality of the website is decreased. You will still find great designers of any price range, along with the ability to search by any price set for what you want. This means that, unlike the set price simply to find a designer that Dribbble offers, you can search based on how much you’re willing to pay for the project itself.



Odesk is a telecommuters dream resource. From finding freelancers who will work directly with you from their location on your project, to freelancers themselves who are looking to extend their talents from the comforts of home, Odesk is the system to facilitate this. Due to how work is usually facilitated through Odesk, you are able to get instant feedback on how a freelancer performs his or her job directly from clients.


Forrst may not have a direct system or feature that facilitates finding a designer for your project, but it is a place where designers show off their talents. This means that you can easily approach a designer showing off their work and ask to tag them along for your project. Forrst is akin to a social network for designers. This also means that this is a place where you will find people who are good at their job! But be sure to negotiate well, some designers may charge a premium since they may or may not be actively taking on clients.


Elance isn’t for designers or even techies alone. It is the same place you can find a web personal assistant while also finding a coder to build your website from scratch. This is a freelancer’s enclave and you’ll have a lot of people to choose from. However, just because there is a lot to choose from doesn’t mean quality isn’t considered. For someone to get onto Elance, since it is focused on getting a job for a freelancer, they have to pass a skill test. This means you know that your designers are vetted and ready to get their job done. Similar to Odesk, which is also focused more on the job placement, you can see client feedback right away.

Let us know in the comments below what website you are looking to use to find your next freelancer. If you have used any of the websites above, let us know how you feel about them, including the pros and cons.

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