5 Tips for Getting Serious about Blogging

In the past, your website was mostly just a hobby. You found it a great venue to make your opinions known, as well as a way to share news and facts with those interested in the same niche. However, as time pasts, you may find the value of marketing and SEO and how profitable blogging can be. Now, you are probably with a substantial audience and looking to seriously devote more time to your website. If you are not sure where to start, here are five tips on how to get serious about blogging.

Working Hours

The first way to get serious about blogging is to give yourself hours that you will work on articles, respond to emails, and edit guest posts. Giving yourself working hours will do two things: prevent you from overworking yourself, and prevent yourself from slacking. Chances are, at this point, you still have a full time job outside of blogging. This means that your working hours don’t have to be conventional or 9 to 5. You can set times between 6 and 8PM to devote to your website, cutting off email after those hours to spend time for yourself, your family, or other responsibilities.


On Location

It would be a dream to say that you can bust out amazing articles in a room filled with chaos and a television. However, we both know that is not the case at all. It is easy, when you work at home, to be easily distracted by life at home. Having a designated office in your home can allow you to separate work and home life. If space is an issue, you may find working from a local cafe to be a wise option. Many individuals work from these locations everyday to stay focused, Starbucks being the most popular. Also, many individuals find these great opportunities to meet individuals who are likeminded and also work away from an office.


Grow Your Skills

Growing your skill set will definitely show that you are into blogging for the long haul. Being able to grow your skills in CSS, HTML, or even Javascript will not only allow you to be a blogger, but also a developer, for your website. In the end, harnessing these skills will make you a more independent blogger, being able to crush bugs that may get in the way of your successful blog. When you need a design refresh, your skills will allow you to participate in the design process, or lead it all together. Most importantly, this will allow you to save money rather than having to hire a developer or designer.

Quit the Couch Potato Mentality

In addition to changing your location to reduce distractions, rethinking the way you approach blogging will show your seriousness of what blogging means to you. When you have a blogging assignment with a deadline, even if you personally set the deadline yourself, you should still not be lazy when throwing it off for another time. Try your best to meet this deadline to ensure that you are committed to blogging. During your working hours, reduce when you use social media that isn’t related to blogging or Internet marketing. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done when you commit more time to it.

Consider Tagging People Along

Finally, the fifth tip to getting more serious about blogging is to possibly tag along guest writers or even staff writers to share the load of the work. It will diversify your content with a new opinion, provide another individual with exposure, and allow you to devote more time to other parts of your blog while still balancing your home  and full time work life. In the beginning, it is up to you in terms of pay, considering blogging expenses and your budget. However, as your blog grows, paying staff writers will lead to greater writer retention which leads to more content.

Let us know in the comments below in what ways you have been able to make the transition to spending more time with your blog. What were some drawbacks, but what was the eventual reward for devoting more time to your website? We would love to hear.

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  1. This is a wonderful piece of writing… Especially point no.1,2 and 3.. i can relate to them… I started working on website as a new hobby to make money in my spare time but i didn’t knew the basics so i spend almost all day learning a few bits but then i got to know some big sites which make my course a bit easy as i find almost everything i need to know to start with my blog.. Earlier i work from home and destruction was also there so i now work from a cyber cafe which help me increase my productivity and time management and now i enjoy a lot my myself and friends…

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