Growing Your Blog Army: 4 People You Need to Meet

Sitting in front of your computer, alone, typing away is not only lonesome. Looking at blogging as a solo job not only can prevent creativity, it can turn you from a passionate blogger to a distressed one.

However, you don’t have to rent out an office building and start hiring on to grow your blog. There are some easily accessible people that can allow you to keep your blog looking fresh, more accurate, and well marketed. However, who are these mystery individuals? They are the designers, guest bloggers, and marketers out there who can give you a hand.

A Blog Design Refresh – Blog Designer

Having a dead or unprofessional blog design is more detrimental than bad content. The first thing your audience sees is the blog’s design. While you may have to prove yourself in any case to retain readers, having a bad blog design is like going on blind date with someone who has bad breath. It leaves a bad, ever so important, first impression.

However, you don’t have to spend a boat load for good blog design. You also don’t have to be fluent in HTML or CSS for a beautiful design. Searching out help on websites like Dribbble can allow you to bring along a willing designer to at least offer design advice. Also, many websites, including Squarespace (the website I make use of for my personal website), make blog design approachable yet customizable.

Those Who Know Their Stuff – Niche Experts

While very few bloggers see the need for a fact checker for every post they publish, having a knowledgable person to confer confusion with is a bit crucial. If you are writing a blog that works to help others, including fashion or technology blogs, having a small misstep can be detrimental to some unforgiving audiences.

Many times, you are bringing in enthusiasts to your who are looking for tips to things they already have a base knowledge of. Additionally, on the other end of the spectrum, blogs like those also rake in novices who can be heavily influenced if you information is incorrect. Utilizing friends who may have a passion in the niche of your blog, or even individuals who have jobs related to that niche, will allow you to make sure you are factual.

Spare a Post or Two? – Guest Posters

A third individual I always recommend for all bloggers are guest posters. These individuals are helpful to any type of blogger. For beginners, having a well known guest poster can be an added boost to your initial audience. Those who have moderate audience traffic can find guest posting as a great way to help fellow bloggers and writers out.

Lastly, if you have a well known website, a guest poster can allow you to get some much needed rest when blogging work can stretch you – especially during holiday and vacation seasons. You can go informal and call for guest posters through a post on your blog. You can also go a bit formal and create a listing on websites like Problogger Jobs to bring in potential guest writers.

Grammatically Correct? – Grammar Lovers

We all fall victim to grammar slips both in conversation and in writing. While we are able to catch them more frequently when we are writing all the time (something all bloggers do, I must say), having another individual to look at longer posts or even your  blog series will allow you to get opinions and writing tips without having to consult an individual every day.

You don’t have to hire an editor, your grammar loving friends or even family members can be helpful. If you don’t have any such individuals available, websites like Grammarly can be your personal editor. The website is your grammatical error sleuth, able to not only find what wrong, but to also lead you to what is correct grammar.

In what ways are you improving your website? Let us know in the comments below.

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