How I Successfully Conquered Writer’s Block This Month

Last month was extra tough in terms of my writing creativity. With a side project I had to complete and with a trip to Costa Rica looming for the end of the month, it would be an understatement to say that my mind was in other venues than writing this month.

However, I had to keep the ship moving and write. This meant that I had to conquer my writer’s block and deliver for March. The lessons I learned from March can hopefully help you when you encounter the same situation later on.

Planning Helps

One of the biggest things that helped conquer my writer’s block was the fact that I always plan my articles in advance. The idea of sitting to a blank writing application, or even worse – a blank WordPress screen, and thinking of my topic on the spot is a bit unnerving. The last week of the month before I write, I place a calendar before me and place sticky notes on the calendar date of the month I’m able to write for. Then, I plan what topics are hot for the month and get down to business. This allows me to simply wait for the day of, write, and then submit!


Making Concessions

There were times this month when I knew that I couldn’t write. I didn’t have the creative spark to dive it. I know, it sounds really pretentious, but having the passion to write is a really important aspect of dishing out good editorial product. When I was overly stressed to write, I would go back to the drawing board and re-work the calendar to write for another day. Even when I wasn’t stressed, I had to make concessions when my sleeping patterns weren’t up to par – which leads me to my next point.

Understanding The Need for Sleep

During this month, ensuring that I had enough hours of sleep a night was crucial in waking up to a fresh morning where I could write great pieces. During the times when I only got a small amount of hours, it showed. I woke up groggy and unable to perform. Ensuring you get enough sleep a night will allow you to induce creativity during the time when you are experiencing writer’s block. When you’re awake, your brain awakes. When your brain awakes, you perform to the best of your ability when writing.

Taking the Break

Tied in a bit with the point about sleep, taking a break when writing was a great aspect of conquering my writers block. When writing, I made use of the 30/30 application to ensure that I stayed within the clock to get my writing done. It was also a great application that allowed me to take a breather when writing. I would go outside for a breather or simply put the computer aside to shut my eyes for five minutes. After the rest, I would read the article again to check for mistakes and get back to writing. Not only did I read it with a fresh pair of eyes, I also was able to enter a better quality product in the end.

The Reward System

Finally, one the last aspect that contributed to me conquering writer’s block was doing a rewards system for myself. For example, if I got an article complete (either typed up, edited, or both) for that day, I was able to reward myself in some way or another. For example, I ordered something online and it came in the mail one day. I didn’t write that day yet, but I knew if I had opened the box and enjoyed the contents I purchased, I’d never get my attention back to the task at hand. So I challenged myself to complete the tasks at hand and then I could open the boxes. It seemed simple enough, but it worked! You can do this yourself with any “reward”, for example, reading a book or giving yourself a snack reward. For example, if I finish an article, I can have that bowl of ice cream. You’ll be surprised with the outcome.

I survived the largest writer’s block month I’ve experienced ever, and I hope the tips I’ve provided above helps with your own writer’s block. Let me know in the comments section how you defeat writer’s block. If you are currently experiencing it, let me know which tips above you will apply to your writing routine.

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