How to Always Have a Blogging Post Idea

All bloggers at some time in their writing have had a blogger’s block. This is when are brains have decided to take a break from good post ideas at the moment when we need them most. This is one of the most nerve wrecking moments in blogging, and can make some individuals want to stop blogging in general. However, with these tips, we will help you in overcoming your writing and getting back to unleashing great blogging content.


Read the News Everyday

For me, as a technology blogger, this is one of the best ways for me to generate quality blog ideas. When reading news stories related to technology, I try to think about three things. First, how does this affect individuals? Second, identify the problem. Thirdly, offer the solution in the post (if a problem is identified).

Write Everything Down

The biggest mistake a blogger can make is to say “I’ll do it in the morning”. Chances are, either the effect won’t be the same, or you’ll forget what to actually do in the morning. Personally, throughout the week, I list ideas in my iPhone’s note section that I will begin writing on by the end of the week. This allows me to have more of a choice, instead of stressing my brain at the last minute.

Take a Vacation, Weekly

If your body is being used actively all the time without its necessary rest, it will eventually give out on you. The same goes specifically for your brain. If you don’t let your brain have a small vacation of its own, you’ll strain the creativity out of it for a short time – a blogger’s block. For this reason, I allow myself to have a nice day or two every week where I don’t blog, just relax and generate great ideas for the coming week. I come back, rested and ready for another week of blogging.

Life Meets Blogging

Sometimes you can be your best idea generator. The problems and situations that you encounter can be inspiration for amazing articles. This allows you to add a personal touch to every article, allowing your readers to leave with a better perspective than a writer who has never encountered the problem they write about. For example, if you’re a technology blogger that has found a solution to a problem you encountered in technology, you can create a great how to video for your readers.

Problems in Common

Extending on the previous section of “Life Meets Blogging”, another source of inspiration can be the individuals you come in contact with everyday. Listen to the conversations your friends have with you and draw from their problems to inspire you. There are various technology articles sprouted from the problems of my not-so-technically literate friends. It is a blog post that is given to you on a silver platter.

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