How to Craft Killer Headlines that Catch Any Reader’s Attention

When crafting an article, a blogger should master the art of writing killer headlines because there resides the first and last opportunity to entice the readers’ interest to click through your post. Normally, when you are browsing through a newspaper or a magazine, the first part that attracts you to read the whole body is unmistakably the headline. If the headline does not appeal the chances are that you will skip the content and seek out what matters the most to you.

In blogging, there is no exception, if you muck up your headline no reader will have the chance of scanning the masterpiece of content you provide.

There is a little misconception in writing killer headlines, many bloggers fall into the common mistake of writing headlines that do not convey the content of the article. And, if you are making that mistake, here are 3 tips that will surely improve your concept towards headlines and make your life easier.

Write Questions in Your Title

Questions have always been a strong weapon in headlines because every reader is looking for the answers. Even though your state of awareness flickers, it still entices the curiosity to get the answer. Your question should be interesting in which the answer fulfills or solves a certain problem that readers are facing and can’t find its respective solution elsewhere.

Here are some examples that work

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Use A-list Posts that Matter

Everybody loves numbers. To no surprise, a-list posts are very popular in the blogosphere, they are easy to scan through, omnipresent and promise a wide range of informative and sparkling content. These types of posts are very handy if you intend to build an authority as an expert in the niche you are involved.

One thing is for certain, if your a-list post is not compelling, you will end up putting the trust and loyalty of your audience at stake and ultimately they will ignore your content and leave.

Here are some pieces of A-list Posts:

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Start with “How-to”

How-to posts are among the most sought posts in the blogosphere. They are straightforward and tutorial-based content that give insights of what the headline promises. Tricks, hints and strategies that make things easier and more effective to bloggers ought to be appealing enough to draw their attention. It’s no wonder readers are more likely to share, bookmark and spread these types of posts.

Below are some good examples of How-to posts:

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The most important thing in any article is the headline. Be simple and direct when crafting it and make sure it is interesting, if you muck it up you may fizzle out the interest of  readers and end up being ignored – certainly, that is not what you want.

The truth behind the headlines is the fact that they have already been written before. The headlines covered in most popular magazines, such as, Reader’s Digest Magazine, Time Magazine, are not new.  What editors do is to restructure some headlines in a way that suits their niche principles. You can start applying these simple and easy techniques in your blog and start crafting killer headlines that catch any readers’ attention.

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