How to Handle Being a Newly Famous Blogger

The title may seem a bit ostentatious, but that isn’t the point. There is a time when all bloggers receive a spike in their viewership. This spike is relative and ever changing.

If an individual who normally gets a thousands views a month and then finds them self with thirteen thousand, that is a significant spike if sustained. However, if a blog like Mashable had the same number of views that month, thirteen thousand, their webmaster would think the website is inactive. It is, again, all relative. However, there are a couple of considerations to remember and things to do when you do find your spike sustaining for much longer than you expected. Today, we will talk about those considerations and actions.

Keep Your Original Voice

It may seem like amending your views to what fits your new audience is a smart move, however it isn’t. When you do this, you not only exclude your current audience, you also turn off your new audience who may have been attracted to you because of your views that you had previously. Many times, this happens because you may feed into the new comments that you may not have been exposed to before. However, it is more than okay if you are more conscious of being offensive, just don’t make a 100% change on your original views and voice.


Dedicate More Time to Comments

An increase in your audience also means an increase in the number of comments that you may receive. This is not the time to ignore them. Use this as an opportunity to create conversations. It wasn’t but not so long ago when you were excited over your first comment. Don’t allow this excitement to leave. This allows you to stay grounded and connected with your audience. When you posts begin to receive tens of hundreds of comments, this is the time when it’s wise to set aside time each day to attend to comments. This can be an hour a day, more or less.

Up the Ante

An increase in your audience opens more opportunities for you to monetize on this hobby. If blogging isn’t something you are viewing as a part time job yet, you should begin to look at this additional revenue as a means for you to grow the reach and quality of your creation. First off, you need to have an adequate and organized way to receive revenue first. Different blogs do this their own way. Some of the most common ways is through adequate ad placement.

Looking into Google Ads and Analytics is a great way to easily implement advertisement. A second way is to go about it on your own by opening up parts of your blog for others to purchase ad space directly. This is recommended only when you find yourself with a considerable amount of traffic. The third option is through allowing donations. Many bloggers may not like this route, but opening a PayPal account (if you are a part of the minority of bloggers without one already) and allowing donations is a great way to receive funds from the audience that loves what you do.

Once the funds are rolling in, what should you do with it? Depending on the blogging that you do, you may want to look into improving your equipment. This can be in the form of something as little as investing in an external hard-drive to something as grand as a website makeover. You may even want to reward your readers with a giveaway!

Reach Out and Be Approachable

In the past, you may have been apprehensive about approaching other blogs about anything. Blogging may have seemed like an empty world, with only your computer and two comments. However, with a larger audience, you now have the leverage to approach and be approached by other bloggers for everything from partnerships, guest posting, and even more. Initiating and being open to these approaches will not only benefit your blog in the short term, but it also allows you to sustain this growth in your audience for the future.

Continue a Life/Blog Balance (don’t let the new wave engulf you – make use of guest posts if needed)

It may seem easy to dedicate more time to your blog instead of your home life, however this isn’t a wise thing to do. You must remember to keep a strong life and blogging balance with this new growth in your audience. This will prevent blogging from engulfing your daily life and it will allow you to continue to perform well on your day job as well. This can be in the form of dedicating only a certain amount of time a day to your blog. Such a feat is achievable by even bringing on guest posters. The main focus should be on ensuring you aren’t overwhelming yourself.

Having a sustained increase in your audience is something to be proud of. It shows that you previous hobby has now paid off into something a bit more. While you may not be at the stage of quitting your day job, that’s something to do when the increase is not only sustained but on an upswing, an increase in your audience does mean you have a couple of more people to share your thoughts with and to communicate with. If you have found yourself with an increase in your audience, let us know in the comments below what your biggest challenge was.

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