Tips On How to Open Your Website to Advertisers

You have been blogging for years, may have even become a master of your niche. However, with a growing audience, you find that your activity that was once a hobby has now become an unofficial part-time job. Maybe you want to even explore some ways of monetizing your blog without bombarding your audience with as many ads as highway billboards.

Proper advertising is a great way to do so. Today, we will talk about what to do before you receive advertisers and how to keep them coming. This includes ensuring that the advertisers are attracted by your audience, vice versa.

Knowing When It’s Time

The key to advertising is all about timing. This extends even to knowing the right time to implement advertising into your website. If you add advertisements into your website too early, you may scare off readers. However, waiting too late may prove missing out on a key audience. The proper time is different for different individuals. However, it’s usually the right time when you have gotten comfortable with blogging. For some, this can be within a year and a half of being a blogger, for others it can be many years later. Having a strong audience is key.

An Ad for Advertisers

It may sound funny at first, but creating a page on your website dedicated to receiving advertisers is a surefire way of getting a good amount of potential ads. This is due to the fact that visitors already on your website will see this page and if they are advertisers, they may make a visit to that specific page.

Secondly, this will show up in search engines as well – growing the possibility of new leads exponentially. The page should include a factual figure of the number of average monthly visitors, your age/location demographics, your niche, advertising prices, and any other relevant information.


Targeting the Marketers

If you do seek out advertisers yourself, it’s important to seek those in your specific niche. Likewise, you should accept advertisers who are within your niche. If you, for example, have a technology website featuring pet food ads, you won’t get as many click-backs to that ad as opposed to one featuring iPhone cases. Your audience may simply ignore such ad, but the repercussions are going to be more in your direction.

Proper Forms of Advertising

Ad placement is very important. Having ads scattered throughout the website may seem smart, but if you’ve ever been to a website flooded with ads, you know first hand that it’s more annoying than anything. A banner ad and a couple of major sidebar ads are suffice. It is also important to mention ad placement in your page that you are gearing toward potential advertisers. This will allow them to know if your blog or website is a good stomping ground for their new advertising campaign.

From this article, we learned that there is a lot that goes into proper advertising. It isn’t as simple as placing and going. It involves proper upkeep and planning in the beginning. In what ways are you beginning to incorporate advertisements into your blog? Let us know in the comments below and also include any tips of your own that you may have for new bloggers.

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