Internet Marketing – The Big NOs

With over a thousand blog posts related to Internet marketing, I can’t guess how many times you would have come across this title. But, you still wonder what works best and what not! Isn’t it? Every article you read related to this, leaves you behind with at least one question.

Well, the doubts and questions like ‘Will this really work out?’ and ‘Is it really worth spending time?’ prevail for more than a decade. And this is going to be nothing new, but something that can clear your doubts! Want to get your doubts cleared?

Then stay with me! I will let you know the big NO’s you need to avoid in your marketing strategies and the solution for your doubts. So, can we start?

Customers Vs Money

The first issue in internet marketing is selling for money. ‘Think more than sales,’ ‘Build a good relationship,’ ‘Connect with your consumers’ are some of the things experts keep on recommending. Have you ever considered these things? In today’s world of marketing, the main focus is all about earning humongous profit. Regardless of what you do, you would like to get a few bucks out of it. In some worst cases, marketers are least bothered if their product fulfills their customer requirements or if their products are worth the dollars people pay. At times like these, there’s no way for you to build a consumer base and popularity resulting in loss. But, this can be solved easily!

Yes! Trust me! You just have to think about your customers. Rather than focusing on money, try to sell your products and build a good relationship with your customers. When you develop a relationship with your customers, your popularity will increase, ending up in more customers and more profit.

‘I, I, I’s’

Over the years, you would have seen hundreds of slogans and phrases with ‘I, I, I’s’ thrown on various shopping carts, business cards, billboards, etc. across the World Wide Web. That’s not all, people claim to be the best in the nation or the first in the world. Of course, these can be a very good exercise in branding and help you in getting your name out there, but do these really have any results? Have you ever checked it?

Well, actually these statements or exaggeration of your sales or fake promises is not going to get you the desired results. Instead of these things,

• Let your customers know about your accomplishments,
• Offer something compelling to make them think you are different from others.

In other words, stop declaring that you provide the best products and you are number one in the market. Everyone in the world is claiming to be number one in something, so it’s better you change the tune.

Social Networking – Just for the sake of Networking

Your competitors seem to be active on social networking sites. So, you have started networking on social networking sites without really networking! You connect with people you have never met, they send you invites and requests, you share their posts with others and forward their requests to your friends. That’s it! Your networking is done! And you LOVE this! Right? Wait! You were only promoting someone else’s product or business. Not your business!

With social networking you get to know your customers better and get people to know, like, love and trust you and your business. So connect with people, share posts, comments and get to know what your customers think about you.

Doing Nothing

The best or the worst thing you could ever do is actually NOTHING! Some marketers think whatever that has worked long back will continue to work, or some think internet marketing has got to do nothing with their business. Even with developments in technology, some marketers still stick on to the word of mouth strategy. But, reality seems to be the other side of the coin!

Needless to say, the marketing landscape is changing day-by-day. In fact, it has advanced to a great extent that people are now searching for your business in their mobile phones. Your customers are constantly tweeting and sharing with their friends and colleagues about the products and services they use. If you really want to rule the marketing world, then better start immediately and grow with the challenges.

So, have I cleared your doubts? Share your thoughts in your comments.

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