Is Jetpack Plugin Slowing Down your WordPress blog?

Jetpack is a very popular plugin developed by Automattic. This is a bundle of useful tools such as Photon – a free CDN to serve your images, Jetpack Comments – a beautiful comment system includes social media integration, Carousel – a gorgeous full-screen gallery, Infinite Scroll, Mobile Theme or social sharing tools.

All of them are quite tempting and actually I tried my best to limit the number of enabled tools in this plugin. I enabled just about 4 features in the Jetpack plugin and had to disable some nice tools like Photon or Stats. The enabled features are Jetpack Comments, Carousel, Tiled Galleries, and Sharing. Those are really great tools but I almost had to delete the Jetpack immediately after that due to horrible performance.

My website suddenly becomes significantly slower, both on front end and WordPress Dashboard. This is caused by the Jetpack plugin

Before installing Jetpack:

Performance grade is 80, 65 requests, load time is 2.79s and page size is 1.6MB. (link)


After installing Jetpack:

Performance grade is 66, 109 requests, load time is 3.58s and page size is 1.9MB. (link)


You can see how the plugin is slowing down my blog. The loading time increases by nearly 1 second, the number of requests increases by 44 and it also adds more 300KB to page size.

It is slow not only on the front end which is visible for readers but also slow on back-end. I could feel some lags while in the Jetpack settings. I can’t understand why they have to make the plugin so heavy although the functionalities I enabled are quite simple.

The slim Jetpack plugin or development mode couldn’t solve the problem. They are better because we don’t have to connect to but many tools are disabled in this mode.

If you are considering to install the Jetpack plugin, I will recommend you not to and try to find alternative plugins.

2 thoughts on “Is Jetpack Plugin Slowing Down your WordPress blog?”

  1. I had this before (just because I like their social sharing buttons). However, I do realise that this is a heavily-packed-with-features plugin so I took it out after a day or two

    Guess my hunch was right after all, thanks for sharing this, Tuan

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