Keeping Calm When Guest Posting For a Large Blog

While quality blogging should be the goal of any blogger on any website, large or growing, there are some bloggers who don’t have the same mindset. Many bloggers of this type won’t assess their mistakes and will continue to have poor writing habits for the long run. This can prevent bloggers from moving up in their specific industry. However, quality bloggers who keep good writing skills up since the beginning may find themselves freezing under pressure once their writings receive the recognition it deserves. If you are starting to consider guest posting opportunities on larger, high traffic websites, here’s how to make the transition while keeping your sanity, writing quality, and audience.

Understand Who You’re Writing For

When you are writing for your own website or for a smaller niche site, it is much easier for you to understand the audience you are writing for. However, when guest posting for a website that is not your own, that is in a niche that may be similar to your expertise but not exactly one you’ve grown with, you may not exactly understand who you are writing to. For example, you may have previously written about technology geared toward those already knowledgable about the industry.

However, you may now be writing for novice technology users. Reaching out to the manager or senior editor of the website you are writing for, before your fingers hit the keys, will allow you to understand who you are writing for and how to tailor your advice. Chances are, the editor will offer website stats and figures about age, gender, and much more.

Make Your Personality Shine

It is easy for a writer, once they understand the audience they are writing for, to have a persona that pleases the audience and not show who the writer truly is. This is a mistake. Your readers will quickly sense this and may feel that your advice or writings are inauthentic. As a writer, especially for a larger blog, letting your personality shine through your posts through a conversational tone and good communication will make the readers want more of your content. This not only gives off a good impression for the readers, it also shows the editor that your guest content is worthy of more posts.

Be Unique

Allowing your personality to shine will, in the end, show the uniqueness of your writing. However, if you have a fun writing style, you might still be easily forgotten if the content you are writing is just like what others are offering. For example, if you are a technology blogger writing posts about “How to Choose the Best Laptop”, your article may be lost in a sea of hundreds of other posts that may have the same title and subject. Uniqueness doesn’t only mean your personality, it also means having content that isn’t offered anywhere else.

One-On-One With the Editor

Lastly, before your article is published, you’ll have to get it edited and proofread. By this point, the hardest part is over. However, this doesn’t mean you can unwind. When editing, keeping your communication between your editor strong is key. If possible, being an active participant of the editing process will show the editor that you are serious about the work you are publishing. Plus, this will be impressionable on the editor and he/she may call on you for more posts in the future. The importance of communication is a lesson that you should follow not only in blogging, but in all interactions.

Guest posting on a large website should be where you freeze up and show your worse work. This is your opportunity to shine. Being able to understand the audience you are writing for will allow you to know the direction your article can take, however this doesn’t mean that you have to develop a new persona. Being able to let your natural personality shine will pull the readers in and make them want more. It offers unique-ness. Let us know in the comments below your biggest fear of writing for a larger audience.

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