How to Free Up More Time for Blogging

We’re all in a rush these days; it never seems like we have enough time to get new posts together, in time, for our blogs with the mounting pressure of work, school, family life, and other social obligations.

Well, I’m here to help you overcome this obstacle and help you find the moments where you can free up your time so you have more of it to devote to your blog.

Here are my suggestions:

Start tracking

I’m not a huge fan of scheduling every little moment of my day – I’m sure you’re not – but I’d highly suggest taking a day where you record the majority of where your time goes. You’ll be surprised to find that there are many “pockets” of activity that could become prime moments to pump out a post or even just work on bits at a time.


Outline it now, fill it in later

What I like to do, when writing articles, is to create the outline and introduction and letting it sit. I’ve found that creating the outline + introduction to be extremely helpful in creating many articles in succession because when you “come back” to the article – it feels as if half the work is over. You can spread out these articles over the entire week if you’re just publishing once otherwise you can do bits and pieces throughout your day. The outline also gives you little “milestones” that eggs you on throughout the writing.

Batch process things

You’re not a robot but you can work like one – this is the whole premise of the industrial revolution – breaking down big projects into smaller tasks. I say “batch” because you can be conscious about where your time is going when doing errands, blog management, entertainment, family time and more. What you’re doing is grouping everything that’s some-what related so you don’t have to bounce around between tasks.

It’s like doing errands all along the same direction rather than driving home each time and breaking it up throughout the day. You’re taking similar tasks such as blog commenting, writing, reconfiguring designs, and other managerial tasks all around the same time than scattering your brain back and forth.

Have “blackout” times

You only imagine that you don’t have enough time throughout the day. The reality is that a lot of it is going toward things like answering emails, watching TV, and other activities. Instead, just start cutting back on these items and you’ll instantly have more time for blogging.

You’ll be surprised to see how much you can get done just by eliminating (or at least reducing) the time you spend surfing the web or watching TV. Try it. It won’t hurt.

Get up earlier or stay up later

Your sleeping pattern is probably vastly different from mine and others – you may need the full 8 hours of rest that’s recommended but the reality is that you could easily get away with 7 hours which adds a whole new hour to your daily routine.

Consider waking up earlier for a change. Set that alarm ahead and make a habit out of jumping right up and into work. On the other hand, maybe stay up an hour later where it’s just you and the machine – remove the distractions and pound out the last of your work before you’re off for the night.

Get to the point

Make it an importance to get to the point in everything you do.

  • Limit your phone calls to 5 minutes instead of endless discussion
  • Reduce your social media time to just 20 mins a day
  • Watch just one hour of TV
  • Keep your time doing minute tasks to the minimum

This one is a big mindset item. You may feel as if you’re being rude for cutting people off but your time is important – you don’t have all the time in the world for the little things that eat up your time. The simplest example is email – say what you want in two lines than two paragraphs – it’s simple and to the point.

Get others to do some tasks

If you’re truly stressed for time than consider how much you make an hour and start paying someone to do a bit of the work for you. There are many freelancers out there that wouldn’t mind picking up an extra job or two – you could even recruit your family members or friends.

You don’t have to give them tasks that is too important – just the little ones that may be taking up that extra hour or two that’s stopping you from completing your goals such as grocery shopping or walking the dog.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we really aren’t always “busy” as we’d like to think we are. We actually have a lot of free time that we’re just wasting on other activities. If you really need the extra time to work on your blog than you’re going to sacrifice some of the other items in order to get the job done.

Remember: that extra hour you put into your blog could be the tipping point.

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