How I Built and Sold a Niche Site for $29,900 on Flippa

I started building niche sites 4 years ago after I realized that it was too difficult to make living online with my authority site at TechWalls. Unfortunately, I kept losing money with the first 3 niche sites as my experiment with auto-generated content failed seriously. Then, I abandoned those sites, created a new niche site and hired a writer. Yet, I found little success with the site and finally sold it for just $800.

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How to Keep your Blog Content Fresh

If you are working to make blogging a full-time job for you, one worry that you may have is keeping your content and your brain fresh if you are clicking away at the keys everyday. Even if you are in the planning phase of your articles, being in from of the bright screen can really make your brain feel fried and your content may even feel repetitive without a refresh. This, in the end, will cause your audience to drop. Today, we will take a look at five ways you can ensure that your content stays fresh as a full-time writer, while also ensuring your brain stays awake and fresh as well. Continue reading How to Keep your Blog Content Fresh

Creating the Ultimate Editorial Calendar

The main goal of writers online is to ensure that quality content is shared with a growing audience in a timely manner. This is made possible through the use of an editorial calendar which allows you to plan ahead of time to ensure that the content that your audience wants to see (and what you think they would like to see) is given to them on time. Continue reading Creating the Ultimate Editorial Calendar