Your PayPal Account has a negative balance due to a recent transaction

This is the second time I have problem with my Paypal account and once again they can’t help me.

A few weeks ago, I agreed on a deal to sell my website for nearly $1,000. That is a niche website that i built in February 2013 and it is gaining consistent traffic in the last 3 months. I was more careful this time because I lost my website once.

I asked the buyer to send me the money through Paypal and wait me a few days so that I could withdraw to my bank account. After receiving the full payment, I was pretty sure that everything is going smoothly and I could earn $1,000 for selling the new website which I invested just around $40 and a few working hours.

However, I kept receiving some emails from Paypal after I transferred the whole website to buyer. The first email notified me that the payment has been reversed:

We’ve concluded our investigation into the transaction detailed below.

We’ve returned the funds to the PayPal account holder, and your account
will be debited for the amount of this transaction.

A week later, I got another email titled “About your Paypal account”:

Our records indicate that your PayPal Account has a negative balance of $990 due to a recent transaction.

It is very important that you address the balance on your account today to ensure continued availability of your PayPal Account and to avoid additional collection efforts.

They also suggested me to login and add funds to my account immediately so that my account will stay active. After contacting the Paypal support, they also couldn’t help resolve the issue because the payment was not authorized by account holder. The only way now is adding more funds to my account. That means I will totally lose my website and more $1,000. What a horrible service.


Let me know if you know any way to help me get the money back.

5 thoughts on “Your PayPal Account has a negative balance due to a recent transaction”

  1. I’m sorry for what happened to your paypal balance my friend.
    Actually, that was happened to me several times already.
    I’m a simple and a small online seller only but my items are legitimate and with quality.
    In fact, some buyers were desperate to have it lol.

    Bad buyers (cheater) always do that especially when they already have what they wanted from you, even they’ve already paid it thru paypal.
    The trick to some of them, reversing paypal payment…making disputes or chargebacks to paypal, pretending they haven’t receive the item..

    Damn!! Paypal always favor them.!

  2. Hmm, that was so bad – loosing your website and money.. I can’t tell why always buyers say unauthorised funds and only after some days. I have faced so many of the above and even right now, my PayPal has -50 due to a charge back. Am not willing to add any funds since that will be a loss.

  3. Paypal are rubbish to deal with. I sold a gold watch on ebay and posted the item. The purchaser claims he did not receive the item. Either it was stolen from their letterbox, Australia Post lost the item or the seller is a thief and a liar and is wearing the watch after Paypal blindly refunded them! So I,m out a watch and Paypal haven’t even investigated the issue. I am cancelling my account and putting it down to a bad experience. I was NOT impressed when they accessed by bank account and withdrew a dollar to see if my account was genuine prior to the sale!! a common practice by them apparently!? Not on in any other business that I know of! I,ll never use the turds again. It seems they (Paypal scum) are a separate business from ebay either way I,ll purchase elsewhere from now on simply fed up.

  4. My PayPal account was limited? I can’t Payment verify into my PayPal account?
    I have needed to confirmation From to activate refund my all balance into added my Payoneer Debit Mastercard ACH BANK ACCOUNT On?

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