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Paypal Login Issue: Something Went Wrong At Our End

Earlier today when I tried to login to my Paypal account, I saw this message:

Something went wrong at our end

We’re sorry. We’re having some trouble completing your request. Please try again.

I tried again many times but the same issue persists. I was scared and thought that Paypal could eventually ban my account again. I was scared because I still kept a lot of money in my account. I checked my email to see if they sent me any email but there is none, that means I didn’t violate Paypal’s terms and my account is still in a good status. So, the issue is really from Paypal.

About 30 minutes later, I tried again and logged in successfully this time. So, don’t freak out when you see the message.


  1. Will Stephen

    Thank you

  2. zigi

    I see some information,but I try to log in few weeks.No ideas what is wrong.:(

  3. Allen

    Impossible to log in to my paypal account. I enter email, then password, and it says some of the information is wrong. I click on “having trouble logging in” and it asks again for my email, then says it’s wrong. Finally I get a security word I’m supposed to retype in a box, which I do, and once again I get the “something went wrong on our end” but they never say WHAT went wrong. So there’s no way to contact them since they will not accept my email address. What a fucking circus this turned out to be!

    • Jeff Micor

      Try a different browser.Or you may have a negative balance and paypal has locked the account


    This sucks big time. I’ve been trying to log in for three weeks and nothing. I called them and no one can tell me what’s wrong. I have no access to my money and I am beyond pissed! PAYPAL SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

  5. Eric

    Same issue here. I cannot log in. I have tried about 10 times over the last four hours, and it sill gives the same error.

  6. Sup

    I got a same issue.
    anyone fixed?

  7. Stephanie

    I am having the same issue! Something went wrong on our end no matter how long I wait or what I do when attempting to reset my password. There’s no way to contact them by e-mail without logging into your account which I can not do, duh. And I am skeptical to call because it is my husband’s account which I have power of attorney for him and his is unable to call them right now and every time I try to use my power of attorney companies NEVER know how to handle it and even though it is the same as talking to the account holder legally speaking 9 times out of 10 they end up reporting fraudulent activity and suspending the account and it becomes a HUGE ordeal. If anyone calls PayPal customer service and finds out the solution please post it. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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