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How to Search for Paypal Transaction IDs which are Different for Buyer and Seller?

If you are a seller accepting Paypal payment, probably you will need to check whether a buyer has sent the money or not by checking their Paypal ID. However, many people prefer using the unique transaction ID because it is safer and easier to find a specific order, especially when you have repeat customers.

You can easily find a transaction ID by clicking on the Details link of a transaction. However, the transaction ID that your buyer confirm with you is different from the transaction ID you see in your Paypal account. Therefore, you won’t be able to find the buyer’s transaction ID in your transaction history. So, how do we know buyer and seller are referencing the same payment? Just follow the steps below.

The new “user-friendly” interface of Paypal doesn’t have this function, so you will need to navigate to the classic site

From your Paypal’s overview page, click on “View all of my transactions“.

You are navigated to the History page now, click on Find a transaction. Fill in the transaction ID you receive and select transaction ID in the select box next to it. Then click on Search.


If the transaction ID is correct, you will immediately see the corresponding transaction in your Paypal account with the message:

“The Transaction ID you requested relates to this transaction in your account.”


That’s it. Hopefully the tip is helpful for you.


  1. z

    Thank you! But the new Paypal panel can not do that. What do you comment?

    • Tuan Do

      I switched back to the classic interface as it includes a lot more info. I’m not sure about the new panel.

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