Preventing Burnout: Keeping Up the Drive to Blog

As a blogger, it is sometimes seen as important to rethink what burnout actually constitutes. Sometimes, individuals feel that burnout is when you become exhausted as a blogger and the interest in blogging decreases.

However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Many times, burnout can occur with successful bloggers who feel that their success doesn’t warrant having to work as hard as they are working. This complacency can only be compared perfectly with the state of high school seniors nearing the end of their year. They may not develop “senioritis” because of the amount of work, but more because of the situation they are in. Here’s how to prevent burnout on account of complacency.

Assess Your Current Practices

The current way you handle blogging responsibilities can be the key to figuring out why and preventing burnout. The first assessment is figuring out where blogging is placed at on your level of importance. Is blogging something that is done as a hobby? Can you afford to decrease (or increase) the amount of blogging you do? Or is blogging a second job for you, where the income is something you sort of depend on. This allows you to know if the other pieces of advice are even actionable or not. You may not be able to slow down the amount of blogging you do. This may be a financial hardship for you. If that is the case, then you may need to rethink the way you balance and plan out your responsibilities.

Take a Breather


As a blogger, it is important to always take a breather. When burnout is looming, this is more important than ever. Taking a breather can be in multiple forms. I personally take a breather each week, from Friday until Saturday, as a way to not only take a break, but also as a way to boost inspiration for the coming week. As a result, this prevents burnout in me because I don’t feel the pressure to continually write without a break in sight. Having the break sometimes can even cause me to want to write even more so that I can put my newly thought out ideas to WordPress.

Keep Yourself on Track

While a break is nice, it is important to not get side tracked with your days off. This can be accomplished by having a calendar and scheduling out when you work and when you take your breaks. Also, having a calendar in front of you allows you to plan around holidays and other scheduled aspects of your life. In the end, it prevents you from also coming up with reasons why you can’t write a post or not.

Make Posts Worth Reading

This is also a time to rethink the way you write into a way that draws in more readers and promotes interaction. This can include having a more conversational tone when writing, it may also include having a call to action when writing to encourage a conversation. The way you previously wrote may have been the reason you become disillusioned or even complacent about writing. Having a new breath of fresh air allows you to look at blogging in a different way. Instead of simply doing required assignments, look to blogging as a way to air your views as well, if possible.

As you can see, preventing burnout and complacency all deals with reenforcing the practices you had when you first began blogging. While this doesn’t mean up-taking the same mistakes you made back then, it does however mean having the same energy and passion you had back then now. Doing this while preserving quality is key. However, if this seems too much to handle, it may be wise to hand over the responsibility and take another course of action with your blogging career.

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