Reasons for Guest Blogging for a Purpose

When you are starting out as a blogger, it can be easy for you to grab onto any guest blogging opportunity that comes your way. This can be done under the assumption that you are only getting your name out there for possible bigger and better things in the future. You may not be getting paid for it, but you certainly are getting paid in exposure.

However, the truth is, the less concentrated your contributions are, the less individuals will be likely to want to bring you along as being a part of their team. They don’t know what your niche or genre is, for that reason, they become unsure what you’ll have to contribute. Today, we will talk about how every guest blogging position you take on should be with a purpose.

Understand Yourself

The first step to guest blogging for a purpose is to understand who you are as a blogger. You should have some form of discovery in what you enjoy writing about. You don’t necessarily have to contribute in tons of genres to discover this. You can find this out by honing in on what you already enjoy outside of writing. If you love keeping up with technology and always have an opinion on it, look into technology writing jobs. If you find yourself being a social media or pop culture maven, find opportunities in that camp. If you have a true passion for it, you will find yourself sticking to that genre and attracting more writing jobs through your published work.


Tap Into Your Current Network

Chances are, if you have an innate passion for a subject, you’ll have a network that is already related to this genre or niche. From writers or marketers to website owners, your network is who you should be looking at when attempting to find guest blogging or even first time blogging jobs from. They will be able to either connect you to the website you are hoping to write for or bring you aboard as a writer for the website they are associated with. LinkedIn is a great resource for individuals looking to hone in on their network and use it as an entrance into jobs that you are looking for.

Feel the Cover Letter, and Own It

For many writing jobs, if not in conjunction with a writing sample, you may have to write a cover letter to explain how your experience makes you prepared for the specific position. It is possible for many individuals, especially writers good with words, to offer emotion that would translate to the editor that they truly want the job. However, many times being insincere can be sensed through a cover letter. If you are applying for guest positions and writing jobs in the niche you truly love, it is best for you to truly put how you feel about the job in the cover letter. If you are insincere in too many writing applications, you’ll find yourself becoming disinterested in writing in general by spreading yourself too thin.

Know Your Value

When applying for positions, know the value that you have as a writer already. If you are currently studying in university a subject that is the blog’s niche, mention this. It is all in an effort to become an authority in the subjects you are covering. When assessing your value as a writer, it may come as no surprise that the subject of money comes into play. Writing for a prestigious website or news agency as a free intern can come with the perks of an increased network and industry access. However, if a position doesn’t come with that, then writing for free reduces your value. When applying, ask to be informed of the latest traffic analytics and their social media presence. If their audience solid and consisting of a demographic you wish to target?, That’s for you to judge.

Channel Other Sources

As a writer, it is important that you build your presence online both in the websites you write for and on social media. By having a social media presence, you are able to connect with your audience, comment on latest news in your niche, and this is all in the building of yourself as an authority in the niche. As an authority, your ultimate position will be that of having a following who will follow you regardless of the website you write for. This can take years to build and for many, it never is built without dedication.

Let us know in the comments below what your writing niche is and how you found this out. For me, it is productivity, startups, and Apple technology.

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