5 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money

Every blogger has that dream, someone in their head, of making money from their blog whether it’s just a bit to have a night out or to completely replace their income. Problem is, not many bloggers make a single penny for their hard effort they put into their blog. Well, I’m going to tell you what I believe are the five major reasons why your blog doesn’t make money.

Reason 1: You’re Not Focus

Focus is a major element of blogging that may people lack; it’s complete discipline that has to be learned. To make money from your blog, you have to stay focused on the main goals for why you’ve started it and how you plan to eventually monetize your platform. Staying from your goals will send you down a path where you’re speaking to an audience that doesn’t care which creates a false sense of community that will never buy from you.

Reason 2: You’re Promoting the Wrong Products

The product is everything. Your content becomes a vehicle for promoting products once you’ve gained traction online but it’s far too common to see a blogger choose items that are going to make them a lot of money per sale vs. what actually fits on their blog. With enough time, people feel burnt out on your offerings because you’re always throwing new products at them; they catch on to this, leave and now your blog fails to make money.

Reason 3: You’re Reaching the Wrong Audience

Speaking of audience and talking to the wrong people – far too many bloggers write for other bloggers. The problem comes when fellow bloggers, in the niche, regularly comment on your blog; this sways the way you speak to your true community (the real buyers) so you end up appealing to these bloggers rather than the community at large. In time, you’re off your track, changed your tone and lost focus in turning your blog into a profit because you are too overwhelmed trying to “keep up” with other bloggers.

Reason 4: You’re Confusing the Readers

There are niche sites and authority websites; the later makes you the most money because of the sheer size of an audience you can bring in but niche sites can certainly make a boatload of money. Unfortunately, many bloggers start to sway from their topics and end up confusing the readers. One day you’re promoting a product and the next you are trying to get them to sign up for a service – stick with only a few options for your readers and drive it home; don’t confuse them.

Reason 5: You’re a Fake

This one isn’t really meant to be an attack but there are far too many people that are completely fake about their blogging. What I mean is that they setup a blog and pretend to be experts in their topic yet all they do is regurgitate information over and over again – people can see through this. Sure, you may eventually make money with enough traffic but you’re not going to get the right kind of traction to make any decent amount of money. Instead of trying to chase some niche you don’t know – go after something you do and become the master of that.


Making money with a blog really isn’t all that difficult; it really just comes down to finding a product people want, wrapping it around content people want to read and reaching out to the people that want your message. Don’t overcomplicate things and certainly don’t make the mistakes and reasons for failing that have been described in this post else you’re going to be spending a lot of time with no financial gain.

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