Safety Measures While Using Free Wi-Fi

While traveling, blogging or even having a coffee break at a restaurant we often use the services of public free Wi-Fi. These hotspots are available for everyone and can be found on every corner. Coffee shops are the great places to relax, read news online, chat with friends, share photos or even manage some business related matters.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how exposed we are as all our private information, passwords, received files, sensible bank data is available for hackers, snoopers, and other third parties. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are great targets for hackers who may use our private data for own benefits.

The best solution for those, who often uses public free Wi-Fi at various frequently-visited locations as shopping malls, airports, coffee shops, restaurants is VPN services as these provide encrypt your data creating safe personal space to enjoy Internet browsing without any limits. Visit to find out more and choose most suitable service to order.

Apart from hackers, there are various geo restrictions that ban users from visiting certain websites. This service opens door to unrestricted online environment with high level of security, ability to visit streaming websites, avoiding online censorship and enjoying amazing speed and flawless connection.

Reliable VPN services to ensure safety for Wi-Fi hotspots users

Today this market has a great deal of perfectly reliable services that guarantee a great level of personal safety. Among most well-known are:

  1. NordVPN service ensures 100% safe online activity as hides browsing history, encrypts personal data, allows access to blocked streaming website, provides great speed and permits changing IP address hiding exact location due to a great amount of available servers located on various continents. NordVPN is perfect for public Wi-Fi spots as guards personal environment and protects from hackers. Automatic kill switch service shuts down any website, software specified in advance if VPN connection drops out suddenly;
  2. ExpressVPN provider has servers located in 78 countries, so users are able finding a server very close to actual location for a faster connection. This service operates great on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and FireOS (Amazon).
  3. VyprVPN provider encrypts data and bans third parties and hackers from accessing private environment. Up to 5 devices might be used from one account. Users allowed switching servers in order to change IP address and hide location. VyprVPN provider supports a great range of popular devices: iOS, Android, Linux, DDWRT Router, Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc. This provider is one of the best rated on the marked and has great reputation worldwide.

Using services of VPN provider ensures complete online safety even with unprotected public Wi-Fi.

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