How to Speed Up CloudFlare SSL on your WordPress Site

After CloudFlare made Universal SSL free and HTTP/2 available, I enabled those features on one of my websites. However, I didn’t see any improvement on the performance, some web pages were even loaded slower than before.

I made some changes and immediately saw positive effects. Here are some tweaks to speed up websites using Flexible SSL of CloudFlare.

1. Disable Rewriting Protocol

Go to Settings of CloudFlare plugin, disable the option HTTPS Protocol Rewriting. The option is used to convert any http:// or https:// links to // only so that all resources are served using the same protocol. Disabling the option might cause SSL Mixed Content Error but we will fix it in the next steps.


2. Change Website address

It is unnecessary to change website address, but my loading speed was improved dramatically after I changed the WordPress Address and Site Address in General Settings. So I’d recommend you to test it yourself. Below is the loading speed before and after I made the changes.


3. Change URLs of resources

To migrate all your assets within WordPress posts from http:// to https://, you can execute the SQL query in PHPMyAdmin:

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, ‘’, ‘’) ;

That’s it. You should see your site load faster now. If you have any other tip to speed up SSL websites, share with us in a comment below.

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