10 Powerful Strategies To Become A Blogging Superstar

The word “superstar” is not strange to us. We have pop stars, sports enthusiasts and technology experts. All these people are superstars, in their own field. Blogging is a serious business, and you could grow to become very popular, successful and having proteges queuing up to pay for your valued knowledge.

If that interest you, I want to share some 10 powerful strategies that transforms you into a blogging superstar. As a full time blogger, with a significant achievements, I can say that blogging is real, profitable, mind-blowing, full of pains and extraordinary joy.

I once read from an inventor that, success is 50% failure. If you’ve failed before as a blogger, or on the verge of quitting, don’t be so hasty, I’m glad these 10 strategies would be of help to you. I’m ready to start listing, are you…?

1. You’re Qualified As a Blogger

More often, I see bloggers with loosed morale. They are of the thoughts that, to succeed blogging, you need to hit the nail right. Off course, there are times this law applies, but the real juice online, is to focus on your innate potentials.

Success in every endeavor demands knowledge of who you are, your unique personal qualities and what sets you apart from the teaming crowd. Stop having the wrong notion about your life, you’re qualified and that should be settled right now.

2. You can Write Well If You Want

Writers are bloggers, and bloggers are writers.

As a freelance writer, I know some of the strategies we use to convince clients, into hiring us. Off course, we need to make money, but the truth is certain. If you want to write, you can. There is nothing difficult in grabbing a pen and jotting down words.

Even typing those words into your PC is also very interesting and achievable. You should make up your mind to become a better writer – it’s a personal decision. If you can write well, you’re likely to succeed and become a blogging superstar. Every blogger who is flying in the sky today, is a core writer.


3. Write For People Always

When you write your blog posts, do you stuff keywords and expect to rank highly on search engines? Wow, what a waste of time. The recent Google algorithm that went wild few months ago is a sure indication that keyword geeks are heading for failure.

To become a blogging superstar, when writing your contents, don’t be overly keyword-oriented. If it’s natural to insert keywords, do so. But if it’s unnatural, why bother squeezing it in.

Google’s ultimate goal is to deliver quality and informative results to her users. Anything short of this, is enemity with search engine criteria. Write your content for the people (readers) and Google would follow.

4. Engage Your Readers Always

If your content is engaging, then you’re set to succeed beyond your widest thoughts. Do you realise that the more time you spend, checking out new gadgets and devices, the more likely you’re to purchase? That’s a selling psychology and it’s going to work in your favour if you engage your readers.

Don’t allow your visitors to leave just like that, give them reasons to stay. Write quality content that has plenty of indepth links. You can refer back to your previous works so, that your visitor could read more. Ensure they stay longer than possible, and your conversion would skyrocket.

5. Social Media Twist Strategy

Have you been utilizing the power of social media to promote your blog? If you have not, it’s time to begin. But there is a better way to do social media. Instead of promoting your content via social media, you could actually convince others to do it for you.

This is what Google loves the more. When people link back to your content, without pressure from you. You can achieve this viral marketing via two methods:

  1. You give incentives
  2. You earn it

If you go for the first, be ready to spend some money, time and other valuables. But I advice you stick with the second option. Earn social media trust by writing quality content. When this happens, your readers would automatically link back to you, share on facebook and twitter and this increases your backlinks, indexing and pagerank respectively.

6. Outsource Your Heavy Works

Blogging is a wide topic. No matter how tiny your niche is, you will still find out that there are so many angles to it. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can outsource your heavy jobs to others. The jobs you outsource mostly should be, writing, web design, SEO, e-covers.

Also, even if you are skilled at these, you can’t possibly be there all the time to attend to the needs of your prospects. Focus your energy on customer service, building relationship with your list, and networking with others. Contrary to what we’ve been taught by those so-called experts, you don’t make money by doing everything yourself, you need others.

7. Events (E) + Response (R) = Outcome (O)

This simple analogy is all you need to speed up your blogging exploits. Events usually happen around us, we can’t control what happens around us. They are natural, problems, pains, tsunami, tornado and the likes are all natural events. And when these events happen, we respond to them and an expected outcome emerges.

Wherever you’re today as a blogger, it’s not because of the Events (E). Your income level, web presence is the result of your Response (R) to the Event (E).

So, instead of blaming others for whatever happens on your ladder of success, take responsibility for your life, knowing that you’re in charge. Respond positively, with a clear set out goals, and the Outcome (O) would be to your favour.

8. Add “Targeted” To Your Traffic

It’s not every traffic that is good. To give you an example, about a year ago, I started a niche blog, that reviews Canon digital cameras. Unknown to me, I was receiving over 100 free visitors from Google every single day, but made no sale.


The traffic is not targeted. These people already had canon digital cameras, they are photographers, who came online to search for photography tips. I made no single sale as a result of this. What does that mean to your blogging?

Don’t chase the wind looking for thousands of visitors, it’s a waste of time and money, assuming you ran a pay per click campaign. What you should focus on is “targeted” traffic. People who are eager, willing, and desperate for solutions right now. Therefore, it’s not in the number of visitors who come to your blog daily, but how responsive they are.

9. Push-Button Marketing Strategy

A powerful formula that transforms your business life, is to apply the push button concept. How does it work? Simple, you increase the number of responsive prospects who receive your marketing offers, instantly even while you’re away on holiday with your family.

Does that make sense?

Here is what I mean. Blogging is all about communication. That is why those who started their first blog with the mindset of making $1000 monthly, failed. You need to communicate, share what you love, your virtures and business principles with your readers. Thereafter, they would begin to trust your words and every recommendations you make is accepted.

What I’m I saying? Build your email list, and tame your subscribers to like you, get engrossed with your content. Your subscribers, especially the responsive ones are the push button marketing strategy, because you can reach them with a simple email blast.

That’s how superstars are made. Join them today!

10. Automate Your Manual Works

We are living in a tech age. Those with the right knowledge and tools, are likely to be ahead of archaic bloggers. Don’t be left behind. You should be in tune with the latest developments in software, apps, and social media tools.

With these tools (paid and free), you can easily automate your manual works and outsmart your competitors. Take for instance, instead of sending your tweets manually everyday, you can use twaitter and other helpful twitter applications to schedule and automate the work.

While you’re away or sleeping, your content will be online, viewed by thousands of social media users. Successful bloggers are fond of automation – don’t be left out!

Alright, there you have it. The 10 powerful strategies that turns you into a blogging superstar. If you abide by the nuggets above, your success is 98% sure. See you at the top!

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