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Creating the Ultimate Editorial Calendar

The main goal of writers online is to ensure that quality content is shared with a growing audience in a timely manner. This is made possible through the use of an editorial calendar which allows you to plan ahead of time to ensure that the content that your audience wants to see (and what you think they would like to see) is given to them on time. Continue reading Creating the Ultimate Editorial Calendar

Keeping Calm When Guest Posting For a Large Blog

While quality blogging should be the goal of any blogger on any website, large or growing, there are some bloggers who don’t have the same mindset. Many bloggers of this type won’t assess their mistakes and will continue to have poor writing habits for the long run. This can prevent bloggers from moving up in their specific industry. However, quality bloggers who keep good writing skills up since the beginning may find themselves freezing under pressure once their writings receive the recognition it deserves. If you are starting to consider guest posting opportunities on larger, high traffic websites, here’s how to make the transition while keeping your sanity, writing quality, and audience. Continue reading Keeping Calm When Guest Posting For a Large Blog