Can’t Keep Up? Get 4 Tips That Really Work When You Run Out of Blog Content Ideas

Many bloggers occasionally go through a hurdle of running out of blog content ideas.

A moment that seems like they have written everything they had to and they have covered every topic their readers would like to read until there is nothing left for them.

I know what it is.

And, I am sure you are pretty familiar with it.

You can pray for ideas, beat your head against the wall and beg … but at the end of the day all you’re going to have is a blank paper.

This is very common among newbie bloggers, it also happens to the established ones, though. If you can’t manage to overcome this hurdle, most likely it’ll end up killing your online business.

You, as a blogger, need to write awesome content to fulfill your readers’ needs, to solve their problems and to help them with issues they are facing. If you fluff producing the content they are looking for, your website will consequently be losing readers and its traffic will drastically flow down. Ultimately, your blogging endeavors, your efforts and the time you’ve spent will not yield the results you desire.

How are you going to get ideas for content that will resonate with your audience?

First, please don’t panic. It’s a normal for any blogger. In this article I list 4 tips – if you implement snappily you will surely figure out a way to crack this problem and continuously produce compelling content that your audience loves reading.

1. Look for ideas elsewhere

The reason why you get stuck and confined in a small circle encumbering you from writing more content for your blog is because you are looking for ideas at the wrong places.

Other people’s work can stimulate creativity in some instances and that will certainly help you generate more ideas to turn into content for your website.

Let’s say, for instance, your niche is about copywriting, if you run out of ideas you would rather read the popular blogs in the same topic, in this case it would be in copyblogger, menswithpens and writetodone. Blogs in your niche can serve as inspirational sources of ideas that can help you cut through this barrier.


2. Ask Your Readers

The content you write is for your readers. Asking them what they would like to read is a practical approach to generate new ideas for blog content. There are many comprehensive ways of getting ideas from your readers, such as, sending e-mails to them, conducting surveys, asking them for feedback and similarly by ending a post with a question.

When you end a post with a question that requires an instant response, you not only increase the amount of comments, but you also bolster engagement with your audience – and your blog certainly needs it.

The commenting section is a hot spot where you can find issues, problems and difficulties that your community is facing – for you to provide them with practical solutions.

3. Combine different ideas

Sometimes it seems like all the topics in the blogosphere have already been talked about. It might be true to some extent and it is rather difficult to create a new topic out of nothing.

Combining different ideas to wrap up into an original one, will not only help you overcome running out of ideas but will you give you a chance of standing out from the crowd. If you’re able to create a unique topic, then you have pretty good reasons of positioning yourself as an expert.

4. Avoid it before it happens

It is not advisable to let problems arise; it is better avoiding them before they turn into a more serious and difficult to tackle. If you apply the tips I mentioned earlier before you get stuck with content ideas, it’ll help you anticipate a solution and avoid it from happening.

This “unwanted” glitch is a burden to bloggers, make sure you able to ride it out when it happens because ideas are the only weapons you have to keep readers on your blog. Without new ideas for content, you will tend to lose in no time what took you months to build.

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