5 Simple Ways to Increase your Blog Conversion Rate

Don’t let the term ‘conversion rate‘ throw you through a loop – all we’re really talking about here is getting someone to take action. This action can be anything you need such as gaining more subscribers or maybe just leaving a comment on the post. Whatever your fancy, I’ll be going through five of the simplest ways to increase those rates.

Method 1: Fix the formatting

Have you ever tried to read a large block of text in one sitting? Your eyes start killing you and you lose interest really fast. Well, that’s what you readers are doing when there is too much text all crammed up in the body of your articles.

What I’ve found is to keep sentences short and sweet. Try to limit your paragraphs to about three lines. Be sure to break up the post with headings, quotes, lists, and text formatting. Allow your reader to skim the content.

Method 2: Give ‘em a reason to talk

You’ll find that a lot of your blog posts won’t exactly get the same impact as you’d intended. It may be a decent topic but there’s not enough “guts” to talk about because you’ve either done such a thorough job of covering the topic or it doesn’t take an edge to spur up conversion.

Of course, any blog post can kick up discussion if you want; you use questions and leave out part of the information which allows other people to chime in and fill the gaps. People love to share their expertise; leaving a small gap of information or by asking others how to accomplish an item within the topic gives people the perfect opportunity to speak up. Once you have people talking, they’re more likely to stay a follower and thus, convert.


Method 3: Attract your desired readers

I know this sounds really silly but if you want the best conversions that you need to attractonly the type of people you want reading your blogs. One way to gain those valuable readers is to appeal specifically to their interests and push your content in front of their eyes.

This does mean that you’ll have smaller traffic but it’s all about the conversions anyway. Why strive for 100,000 visitors that don’t do anything when 1,000 that are highly passionate about your brand is more than enough to make a successful blog. Start guest posting and sharing your information to a tailored audience after you’ve done a bit of research into the types of people that want to read your content.

Method 4: Funnel people

Throughout your blog, use key triggers and call-to-actions to get people to do what you want.

  • Before the end of a post: invite people to share and comment on the content.
  • On the side bar: place an opt-in box for your email list along with your social media profile links.
  • In your about me: let people get in touch or join your following.

Use every bit of space to funnel people into your community in some form or another. Once you’ve captured them, be just as helpful as you are in public but use this connection to add a personal touch; you’ll keep people around longer.

Method 5: Be real

I know too many bloggers that censor themselves or try to be someone they’re not. Believe me, if I can see through it – so can the rest of the community.

Don’t overhype your accomplishments, don’t pass on great opportunities, don’t hide behind your computer, and never exploit the trust of others. Be a genuine individual that happens to have a public outlet to share thoughts and be open to the fact that many people may not agree with you. Stick to your goals and don’t get discouraged from setbacks. Inject a real story with your work and it will shine through well past the point when the information may not be relevant – people remember you rather than just your words.

Final Thoughts

I’m always quite surprised at people’s reaction when they suddenly realize the simplicity of increasing conversions on a blog. It really all boils down to having some kind of a business mindset – your blog like your store, its’ posts are the products, and you want to build a customer list. Like any good business (i.e. blog), you’ll want to build a real community and the best way to approach this task is by at least applying the items on this list.

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