Why Your Social Media Campaign Failed

Social media is one of the most important aspects of audience engagement for your website or blog. It is one of the most sure fire ways to improve internet marketing for your site.

That is, if you approach the challenge correctly. Sadly, some website owners and novice “social media consultants” approach social media marketing the same way they approach their personal social media profiles. They may post a couple of updates every so often, update the profile’s image periodically, and that’s it. They don’t consider social media analytics, post timing, and other very important aspects. Here’s how to improve your website’s social media standing.

Develop a Personality

Social media is the perfect outlet to add a bit of personality to the website you own. For example, your website may be the place to publish your content, but social media could be the place dedicated to discussing topics on an on going basis. This can sort of be seen as a “Out of WordPress” conversation of sorts, or life outside the comment box for your audience.

Additionally, if your blog was created for your Startup or business, social media can be a way for you to connect your audience to company updates, news, or just “behind-the-scenes”. The main goal for your social media campaign is to ensure that you are consistent in your social media approach. Playful or serious, thought provoking or a place to let your (website’s) hair down.


All About the Timing

In addition to being consistent in your social media approach, it is important to also be consistent in timing your posts. Posting on your profile three posts every two or three months is, of course, a horrible idea. Not only will your audience be less likely to follow your profile, others who may encounter your website for the first time through social media will see that your last post was in three months and interpret that your blog must be inactive as well. Try to keep your consistency at around three to five posts every week and a half – at most.

Come with a Game Plan

But what will you post? You can having a plan for timing, but a common mistake many websites and blogs performing a social media campaign do is not have a posting plan. Make great use of the calendar and not only plan your posts around the day of the week, but also the special occasions and holidays that encompass the year. Having a post on Fridays, for example, can be a great opportunity to post a weekly roundup of the posts published on your blog this week.

This will allow your audience to use the weekend as a time to catch up. You can also use the Winter holiday season as a time to have a social media-only giveaway. Having a game plan allows you to know what you should do, what you’re expecting, and how to utilize the prospective outcome.

Utilize the Tools You’re Given

Creating a successful social media campaign is more than just posting a status update. Tools are available for you to leverage your campaign and better understand the audience that you are contributing to. Hootsuite, for example, to see the engagement of your tweets and how many people are clicking in. You can also save yourself time and be ahead of the game by scheduling tweets through the application as well.

Social Media can seem like a foolproof approach to growing a following for your blog, however there are many pitfalls that can prevent your profile from being a success. However, as we see above, if you follow the four tips given, you are able to improve your chances of making social media a worthwhile marketing tool for your website. Let us know in the comments below how social media has helped you.

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