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How to Withdraw Money from Limited Paypal Account

After my Paypal account has negative balance due to an online scam, I created a new one and tried to avoid any risk with the new account.

However, after I set up and received money from buyers, it was permanently limited right away and the limitation cannot be appealed. In the email Paypal sent me, they said they decided to close my account because of security issues. There would be no problem if my account balance is zero as I could get rid of that account. I just received nearly $1,000 from my online revenue sources and then Paypal closed it immediately. My money is still there but the balance is frozen and I couldn’t send or withdraw it.


I contacted Paypal again to ask for my money and it was another frustrating experience. My money would be held for 180 days (6 months) and Paypal promised that they would sent me an email when the balance was available to withdraw. But it never happened and I almost forgot about the incident.

I had to contact Paypal by myself again and they sent me an email to verify that my Paypal funds are eligible for withdrawal now. They also mentioned that my account is still limited, that means I still can’t send or request money, receive payments, add funds and close the account. The positive side is that I can withdraw funds from my account now, and it is the same process as I did earlier. I can either transfer to a bank account, request a check or get a Paypal Debit Mastercard. Here is how I withdraw the funds to my bank account.

1. Log in to PayPal account.

2. Navigate to My Account ->  Withdraw.

3. Click ‘Transfer to bank account’, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $1.

4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, I filled in every penny of course.


I tried to add another bank account but I received the error message: “Sorry, your last action could not be completed“. Fortunately, I already added a bank account to the Paypal account earlier, so this is not a big problem. If you have the issue, you can request a check anyway.


5. Click ‘Continue’.

6. Review the confirmation page and click ‘Submit’.

Now I can really forget about the account and Paypal also sent me a confirmation saying “it usually takes 3-4 business days for transfers like this to go through.

Do you have the same issue with your Paypal account? I’d love to hear your experience.


  1. MSI Sakib

    Hello Tuan Do,
    I can’t receive money in my limited (unvarified) paypal account. I can’t varify it as it doesn’t support in our country. Can you give any solution please?

    • Tuan Do

      If Paypal is not available in your country, you will not be able to withdraw money to your bank. You can create a U.S. Paypal account to receive money but it can’t be verified. I recommend you to look for alternatives until Paypal is supported there.

      • inderjeet singh

        my account got limited and my money is on hold will you be able to help me so that I can withdraw my money before that

        • Tuan Do

          I don’t really understand your situation. Can you clarify with more details?

      • Hello my paypal account was limited due to a false information on my part. I said i was 15 years of age instead of 18 years old. So the lady in the call put my paypal account in a limitation. I still have over 500$ in that account and its frozen like i can not pay. What should i do? How can i send money with a limit account?

        • Phillip A

          Did you get to fix the problem and how I am in the exact situation right now.

        • jeric

          hello are you done to settle your paypal limited?

      • Jonny

        Hi Tuan, I was wondering if you’d be able to help me with my issue. My paypal account has been limited and they are asking for identification. I’m only 17 at the moment and the paypal was created when I was 16. The thing is, I turn 18 in 4 months so I was wondering what the best solution for me would be.

        I understand this is quite an outdated post but I’m just looking for any help I can get.


        • faye

          Hi Jonny, i have the exact same problem and wonder if you were able to fix this?

    • Sabbir

      Yes, you can withdraw money if you register the account selecting the country as US. You will need a payoneer master card and they offer US checking account from Bank of America. You will have to add that bank account details and withdraw after 180 days waiting period.

    • CHRIS


      • andy

        Did you withdraw your cash from limited account. we work together to get the cash?

        • Vdon


          • Karin

            mine got permanently limited without a warning, and I have about $3000 in held funds ($400 of it is already available for withdrawal but I can’t transfer it because my account is limited)

    • Mary perez

      I’m having the same problem. I just got a big lawsuit. $25,000. I had my money in my bank of America account. I transfer$4,000 and was using it for almost a month spent the hole $4,000. So I wanted to transfer to more $. So I put $5,000 in my PayPal. Just because I transfer a large amount they put my account on hold for 180 days. It’s been over a month n im out of money. I have $5,133.46 and I can’t touch it. They has to been some kind of law that they r breaking. This is ur money that they don’t want us to have. We need to do something to stop this. Who is with me. If slot of people came together we would get r money back. But no we r letting them Rob us n they r laughing in there big Manson. Stop bidding and speak up. This is America the land of the free.

      • RenoStibbw

        im having similar issues Mary.. is there a way you could get back to me.

      • Shauna

        Hey.. Are u still having this issue? I recently got an email from paypal saying that the bank advised them of unauthorized transactions,(there were no unauthorized transactions so i dont know what they are talking about) they put limitations on my account, had me change my password, reverify information and then said they would get back to me with 72 hours regarding a decision. This is very inconvenient as i had just had some money sent to my paypal account and they decide to do this now. Did u get ur issue resolved?

      • Todor Tashev

        I’ve got the same issue with more than $3000 stuck in my PayPal account at the moment! Yesterday, 21-st of Nov 2016, they limited my account because they say they need more information about my business. I recently updated my account to Business and now they want proof of business and other information. I’m really angry about them limiting my account without notice and trapping MY money in there. I’m ready to fight back! Let’s get together and find solution for this. my email is: tdr.tashev at gmail dot com
        I’m in Europe, Bulgaria.

        • Todor Tashev

          New information on my case: a few days after I provided the information PayPal wanted from me, my account was unblocked and I immediately withdrew my money. I made a few calls to the customer service asking them for clarification and I was promised everything will be fine. It was a total horror story, but I had luck to get what is mine back. Hope that works for all of you.
          p.s. The lesson is learned – no more money up in the Cloud!

          • Patty Cika

            they did the same thing to us and just because they unblock it once doesn’t mean they won’t do it again. they blocked our account while we were on vacation and we were using our paypal card so we had to use one of our other cards that didn’t have much money on it and try to sort out what these jerks wanted. we did that and got our account unblocked back then. then just this feb they did it to us again only this time there was a lot more money in there and we had just transferred money in there and a lot of it and they froze our account. They said because of a lot of refunds but we only had 2 at the time and we are frozen for 180 days. they also took a reserve which we thought made sense to cover their ass. but it was better than taking all of our money. but they asked for information and said we could get our account back and running but then they sent us note saying that they will no longer work with us and we can’t use our cards and we can’t touch our money .. Our hard earned money was stuck with them and I’m worried we get it back after the 180 days or they will find fees to drain the account. I am hoping to get it back and am going to send some letters to some high up people that I read some people did to get their money back. We will see if it works. this is really frustrating and they almost ruined us financially as all of our business money and money to pay bills were in that account.. Paypal sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ton

            Good. Do you know / guide how much we can withdraw in EU from paypal to a bank account? I fear that if I withdrew more than a certain amount, they might limit my account. any guidance?

          • Simo

            How dis you resolve this because i have the same problem

        • Стефка Татарска

          Здравейте Тодор,

          Виждам,че поста е от миналата година, но аз в момента имам същият проблем. Имам бизнес сметка с paypal и от около месец не мога да си изтегля парите. Постоянно ми изпращат и-мейли и изискват документи от мен. Аз ги предоставям съответно, но те постоянно ми изпращат, че нещо не е наред и съответно не мога да си изтегля парите. Всяка седмица се обаждам в Дъблин на customer service и те ми дават някакви насоки. Съответно изпълнявам това, което ми казват, но отново и отново получавам и-мейл от тях, че нещо не е наред.

          Вие как разрешихте проблема?

          Стефка Татарска

          • Todor Tashev

            Reply to Стефка Татарска.

            Hello, Stefka Tatarska. I prefer to reply in English, not in Bulgarian, as more people would benefit from this. The communication with PayPal is in English anyway.

            As I said in my comments above, the limitation on my account was removed after I provided the proofs they asked for.

            That is:
            – Bank reference, stating that my bank account was actually mine;
            – Bills that I pay myself – I provided my cell phone bill;
            – Proof of registered business – that is something I didn’t have, because I didn’t have a registered business, so what I did was – I sent them a scanned A4 sheet of paper on which I hand-wrote “I DON’T HAVE A REGISTERED BUSINESS”. I did this crazy thing also, because for them is very easy to reject to review your case if you don’t send them all requested papers.

            Two days later they removed the limitations. I don’t know how they decide on whether to continue to make your life a nightmare or just let you use your money. To me it seems RANDOM and in my case, I was just lucky, nothing more! That’s all I can tell about my story.

            Apart from that, what I’ve read in many comments on the Internet, is that in the worst case scenario they can hold your money up to 180 days. If they don’t find anything to charge you with, i.e. anything criminal, they should remove the restrictions.

            Good luck!

      • Justin


        • Hyaden

          have you found any solution yet guys?

      • cliff

        they put a limited on my account i have 1600 on there how do i get it out

      • Marson

        I agree completely! What are they proving by holding our money for 180 days! This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen!

      • Atius

        First of all, you should never keep money on your PayPal account. For the account to be frozen you don’t have to be a bad guy. They can do it if you are a victim of a scam or simply because they just want to.

        In your situation I would perhaps contact my bank and reverse the ACH transfer. You would have 60 days to do it.

  2. Vu Pham

    Xin chào, Tuan Do. Gần đây tài khoản kinh doanh của tôi cũng bị limit vĩnh viễn, và đã gần 6 tháng trôi qua. Paypal thông báo sẽ cho phép chúng tôi rút tiền vào tháng 8. Tuy nhiên tài khoản của tôi lại bị ngược tên, nên nếu rút về ngân hàng sẽ không xác nhận, tôi đã liên hệ với Paypal để đổi tên nhưng không được. Bạn có kinh nghiệm gì về việc này có thể chia sẻ giúp chúng tôi được chứ.

    Cảm ơn bạn.

  3. charry

    So you’ve waited for 6 months and then withdraw the money?
    So in that case, after you withdraw the money, did you delete your account?

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Charry,
      Yes I waited 6 months to withdraw my money. And as my account is limited permanently, I can’t do anything with it.

      • Aces

        Hey there, My paypal was limited too but I dont have a card link on it so do i need to add card on my paypal so that I can withdraw my funds? Its been over 180 days since my paypal got limited and they said i am able to withdraw the funds.

      • James

        Hey Tuno,

        How to delete permanently limited paypal account?

        • Tuan Do

          Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete a PayPal account while it is limited. You must resolve all cases to close your account.

      • jane

        so after 6 months or 180 days it was ok and back to normal that wasnt limited again? please let me know

        • John Doe

          No Jane, I stopped using the paypal account to avoid future problems on the account. I just created another one. But I got the said money back. Are you in the same situation currently?

          • William


  4. Aces

    Hey there, My paypal was limited too but I dont have a card link on it so do i need to add card on my paypal so that I can withdraw my funds? Its been over 180 days since my paypal got limited and they said i am able to withdraw the funds.

    • Tuan Do

      Sure you can add a card and withdraw your funds now.

    • Atius

      It is an old question but here is the answer for people in the same situation.

      You can add a card, but if this isnot possible you can request a check.

  5. liat

    paypal blocked my account because i opened to many disputs, and now i cant withdraw my money, what can i do?

    • Tuan Do

      How Paypal blocked your account?
      If they locked it because of suspicious activities, you should contact them as soon as possible to find way to withdraw your money.

  6. alice

    Hi Tuan Do,
    Paypal just limits my account and they require me to send them invoice and proof of delivery. However, I sold a intangible product which is an Internet account. It is impossible for me to have invoice or any proof of delivery. So if I wait for 6 months, can I be able to withdraw to my bank account? Thanks in advance.

    • alice

      Hi Tuan Do, I just found out my case is more complicated that I mailed Paypal that I sold an intangible products but I just recognize that my buyer chooses the family and friend type to pay for me like sending money as a gift. Therefore, I don’t know what to do now. Paypal havent reply my mail yet but I’m afraid that I will lose the money when they find out the mismatch. If they request anything later, but I will not response to them so can I still withdraw the money after 6 months? Please help me. Thank you a lot.

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Alice,
      Why don’t you ask your buyer to confirm that he/she received the Internet account? You can also send them any proof such as screenshots of your email conversation. You’d better cooperate with Paypal to solve the case. The funds could be reversed if you wouldn’t provide proof of delivery.
      Hope it helps.

      • alice

        Thanks Tuan Do, I want to ask you further that if it is an Internet account, will it be considered as selling illegally?

    • Tuan Do

      It could violate policy of that service but I don’t think it is illegal. What kind of Internet account are you talking about?

      • alice

        Its a game account. My account now is restored after I sent mails saying that I don’t have both of them and they only need me to provide ID photo. Phew! Hope they will process it smoothly with my withdrawal and no more limitation.

  7. rhyon

    I have sold an item in ebay and received money with paypal and provided tracking number to out of country and paypal can’t track it but i know the person has item just wont tell paypal so they sent them my 442 dollars to the buyer amd now i dont have my item or money how can i get the tracking number to update from am international location because they wont check …..and on another paypal account i have it is limited because i have to provide information that i dont have like invoices of where i got my items from and its impossible for me to get them because of where i got them from amd they want me to send a utikty bill to confirm my address and i have over 800 dollars that i desperately need how can i get it off please help me …please please help

    • Tuan Do

      Hi rhyon,
      Are you using the Global shipping program? If you do, you must have shipped it to eBay shipping center in Kentucky and eBay will take responsibility from there. How can’t you track your package? If the buyer doesn’t receive the package, it is not your fault. Have you contacted eBay support yet?

  8. rhyon

    Yes the buyer has it but wont let paypal know or ebay
    and the shipping wont update on internet and paypal sent the buyer back the money so they have both so i lost over 400 dollars and a new iphone 5c and i dint know how to contact the other shipping company besidds usps because thats who i shipped it with and they said the other shipping company has to update shipment in internet

    • D

      Lost a galaxy so when they first came out that same way. They actually told the buyer /scammer he could keep my phone!

  9. migz

    bro! same problem but the twist is that i didnt verified the bank account i registered on paypal before they hold my account for 180 days. So 180 days gone by, paypal emailed me that i can withdraw my funds so i tried to open my paypal click withdraw and clicked the unverified bank account i registered then boom! i cant withdraw the money, it always notifies me to eneter the 4-digit code sent to my bank account. well the problem here is they closed my account but paypal states that i can withdraw my remaining balance. How the hell can i withdraw my money?

    • Tuan Do

      That’s horrible.
      Can you add and verify a new bank account now? When my account was limited, I still could add another bank account. Let me know if it helps.

  10. johnly

    how to remove my limited in my paypal?
    its ok i will add another bank account so that i can withdraw my money in paypal?
    please help me how i can solve it.

    • Tuan Do

      No you can’t withdraw your money while your account is limited.
      You will have to figure out why your account is limited and fix it.

  11. Makatas

    Same – got permabanned.
    In paypal email it says, they reviewing account every 30 days, and if possible releases funds to withdraw. Today(after 30 days) i got that kind of paypal emai, but when i go withdraw to card, system doenst let me, there is only Add Card | Currency Converter, sections. Why?

    • Tuan Do

      Did paypal allow you to withdraw your money? Do you see your existing card in your account?
      It should show up there. Try adding the card again.

      • Makatas

        Yes i got email, that they let me withdraw all the money in account(that means i didnt owe anything to anyone when got banned). And yes i see my card here. Tried add it again like you said, but nothing happens.

    • Tuan Do

      You should contact Paypal then, this could be a technical issue.

  12. My account access is limited and Paypal is asking me to upload the CC Statements of all my previously linked CC’s. Here’s why i might end up with my account getting closed.
    1. One of CC’s i have used with my Paypal, is currently linked to another Paypal account (which is unverified + limited)
    2. All the CC’s i used were Virtual. They are asking for CC statements but they don’t consist of my name or address. Hence, they may not consider these statements as valid.

    Now, my only pain is i have $1000 Paypal balance, how to get it (by hook or by crook) ?
    Is there any hope that i will regain full access to my account again? Can i make them understand via email ? Any method that will work ? Please guide me with something. I am going to receive more payments on my Paypal (more than $2500) in few days.
    Kindly help.

    • Tuan Do

      It is almost impossible to gain full access to your account again. I heard some people were successful by creating fake account statements but it is very rare. You might need to link to your real credit card to withdraw your money, there are a lot of risks using those virtual credit cards.

      • Well, i restored full access to my account and that’s how i did it?
        I rang the Paypal helpline and there was this lovely lady who assisted me. I provided her with my Case ID and told her that i am having a problem in verifying my card. I told her that MY CARD ISSUER DOESN’T PROVIDE STATEMENTS MENTIONING NAME OR ADDRESS, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO UPLOAD SUCH DOCUMENTS WHICH DOESN’T EXIST. And her reply was so cute!! She told me to upload some other documents which should mention my name and address instead of the credit card statement. I just did what she said and within 9 hours my account access was restored 🙂 🙂 🙂
        P.S – I didn’t told her that i am using a Virtual Credit Card, i am sure they are allergic to VCCs

        • Tuan Do

          Wow, that’s awesome.
          Thanks for sharing your experience. It will be very helpful for Paypal users with VCCs.

          • If possible, add this info inside your article, people do not read all comments.

  13. scott

    Hello, pls help me with this question, I have 945$ in my paypal, then send 20$ to a friend as gift, them immediately transfer 925$ to my bank.. after 2hours, paypal complete my transfer and says the fund will be ready on the 25th of sep 2014… Bt my money is always in my account the next day b4.. And paypal now limit me account immediately bcos I send 20$ to someone.. And I try to appeal bt it was denied. paypal then send me a message that I will have to wait for 180days to withdraw or have acess to my money.. My question now is that, will paypal still deposit the 925$ I have transferred and that has been completed on my payal acc despite the limitation? Am now expecting the money in my payoneer account, will they still credit may payoneer account or where is now my money? My friend that I send 20$ too have received his money cash yesterday and am yet to receive my… Pls reply me asap bcos my mind is not settled. All my transactions are all legit

    • Tuan Do

      It takes longer to process money withdrawal. You should wait a few days to see money in your account. If your account is limited after the transaction is completed, the money should be in your bank account soon.

  14. Jacqueline

    I have sent money over to an account that has been limited – unfortunately the buyer cant send the money back to me and is saying I’m the one that needs to issue refund? (how can I since I am the buyer not the seller)

    How can I get my money back 🙁

    I have already emailed PayPal about my issue

    • Tuan Do

      You can file a dispute on Paypal and they will help you get your money back very fast.
      Hope it helps.

  15. Su

    My PayPal account has been limited and they have sent me an e-mail saying I could withdraw part of my funds. The problem is I don’t have any bank account attached to the account and it doesn’t let me add one because the account is limited. What can I do about this?

  16. Ngio

    Hi, my paypal account is currently permanently limited. It send me email that i am violetion of paypal use policy of sales of counterfeit items like honda, perodua, toyota emblems.

    How to do with this? As i in malaysia, we get the items from supplier and they say is original, how they determined is countrrfeit.

  17. Ajijola lateef

    I have a paypal account from nigeria. But there is a limit on receive fund. It is not available to nigeria user at this time. Only send option. Please tell me any other way to use to receive money from paypal account

  18. Md Aktarul Islam


    I am from Bangladesh. My country does not support paypal. I opened a Malaysia paypal account.

    I got limited after few days ! As it is fake paypal account. I hope to regain my account access is impossible.

    But I want to withdraw funds from my paypal account. I have around $450 on my account.

    I have Payoneer USA checking account. Can you withdraw to my virtual bank account ?

    I am a bit confused. I am from Bangladesh. Paypal is from Malaysia . Bank account should be from USA.

    I want immediate help.

  19. Helen

    my account was limited (background info: I live in the U.S., my card is is linked.) However, before it was limited, I received a pending money statement. After it was limited, the transaction went through, and I have the money in my account now. How do I take it out with a limited account? I read similar accounts up above, do I have to wait six months?

  20. Auction Essistance

    The only way you can withdraw from a limited Paypal is to wait the 180 days. However, if you have sent payment to that account from another Paypal that you have access to. Simply refund and you should have access to the money.

  21. Olga

    The same happened to me, I used my husbands paypal account and added my bank account to his paypal. After that both mine and my husband’s account were permanently limited because of fraudulent activity! that is absurd, I have not called them yet because Im currently out of the US. Im guessing I am not using paypal ever again!! the thing is I have a balance of 500 on my husbands account and won’t let me withdraw it. My question is why would they wait until I received a payment to restricted instead of doing it before, how convenient for them!!

    • Tuan Do

      Paypal is trying to make its service more secure but sometimes it seems too aggressive. You should call or email them as soon as possible to explain the situation, it hardly worked for me but you should try if you don’t want to wait 6 months to withdraw your money.

  22. christipher grant

    they told me i could get my money out on dec thec 9th they have held my money for over 18 months and a girl when i rang up told me it iant my money and thats that so they have £2.350 plus i have told them now i am going to take them to cout this is total bullshit and told them i am adding 12.0/0 percent every day they then told me i could get my money out again now i am being accused of a customer complaint more bullshit so how the hell can i get my money and they now have the nerve to ask me to change to a buiseness account are they for real

  23. Happi

    Hi! I just followed your instructions and I was indeed able to withdraw the money. However, it’s still pending. Did you successfully received the money thru your bank account within 2-4 days? I linked my paypal acct to my atm savings account. Thank you.

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Happi,
      Yeah sure I received it after a couple of days. You might need to wait up to 7 days for the withdrawal to complete.

  24. Michael

    Hi There,

    My PayPal account has been limited due to receiving over $5000 usd in it. They’re asking for a lot of information such as suppliers, invoices, tracking, descriptions.

    I received an email last night saying the funds are now available to withdraw so I signed into PayPal and attempted to withdraw but received a note saying you can’t withdraw on a limited account.

    Why did they send me the email saying the funds are now available to withdraw when they’re not?

    Thanks so much would appreciate any advice you can give 🙂

  25. hakim

    Hey , my paypal account is limited due to age restrictions. Will I be able to withdraw my money after 6months also? And can you remove a bank account or card from PayPal on a limited account?

  26. Yuhong

    Can I get my money back from PayPal? They limited my account and it says limit my account for 180 days. I have $2000 in my PayPal account. I was selling clothes on eBay and they said I was selling brand clothes so they restricted my account and asked me to provide receipt. But I bought from China while I was traveling. My cousin was working at garment company and she sold me some left overs. I paid cash to her and there is no receipt I can provide. Please help me if I still can get my money back?

    • Tuan Do

      As your account was permanently limited, you will have to wait 6 months to receive your money.

  27. Nahid Hasan

    Can i add a bank account in a limited paypal account? If i can how to add a bank in limited bank account? Please help me.

  28. Tyron

    Hey Tuan, My Paypal Is Limited But I Can Withdraw My Funds . I Used My Paypal Account With A Fake Name Because Of My Security , How Do I Withdraw ? If Paypal Send Me A Check I Can’t Use It Because Of My Name Being Fake , So How Do I Receive My Funds ?

    • Tuan Do

      You will have to try changing your name in this case. Paypal said that they will change name of Paypal account when there is an error, you legally changed your name, or you used a nickname or fictitious name. Good luck.

    • geoffrey

      hello tyron same problem i m live in france and my paypal is fake usa name and adress , did you have found a solution , thanks for answer i m lost need my regards

      Hey Tuan, My Paypal Is Limited But I Can Withdraw My Funds . I Used My Paypal Account With A Fake Name Because Of My Security , How Do I Withdraw ? If Paypal Send Me A Check I Can’t Use It Because Of My Name Being Fake , So How Do I Receive My Funds ?

  29. Mike


    my paypal is limited now and i wish to withdraw after 180 days mentioned above from all yours comments. BUT just now i did see the “Withdraw” button from paypal. may i know where should i click? if that i should link my bank account then just can withdraw? i am dont have US bank account to link even all those bank account to link with paypal. as i not located in USA now. I got the paypal registered during i was in London when i was there for my study. I want to withdraw to my local bank in Asia country. can i do that? pls advice

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Mike,
      You must have a verified bank account in the same country to withdraw your funds. According to what I know, it’s impossible to change the address on your PayPal account to a new country. So I can’t figure out any way to withdraw money to your current Asia country. You can try contacting Paypal then.

  30. Giugiu

    Hello there.
    I added money to my Paypal account using my Citibank Bank Card from Brazil and then I transferred money to my husband’s Paypal and now both of our Paypal accounts have been permanently limited due to “Cash Advance”. How come is it cash advance? They also blocked the money I had left in my account and they say it’ll be blocked for 180 days. They will allow me to withdraw my money after 6 months but what happens to our accounts after 6 months? We are extremely upset about it. We should be able to use our money anyway we want it, specially when we ARE NOT doing anything illegal. it is so frustrating.

  31. alhawari

    Please help me!!!
    i have get this message from paypal
    We’ve limited your account because of the excessive number of claims you’re
    involved in.

    We’ve recently emailed you about this issue. Since our last email, we found
    that your transactions are still resulting in an excessive number of
    claims. This is considered abuse of our Buyer Complaint process and
    violates the PayPal User Agreement.

    after contact paypal , they sendthis email

    We regret to inform you that we’re initiating the closure of your PayPal account because of certain activity that took place relating to your account. This measure is necessary to protect us from potential financial losses.

    Your account balance during the account closure period:

    This decision means we must oversee the appropriate movement of any money currently in your account. A gradual approach to account closure allows us to part ways, while considering any liabilities that may arise. Our aim is to review any valid buyer claims lodged against you. We must allow enough time for claims to be filed as these can take several months to be reported and resolved.

    How will the process work?

    We’ll hold any money currently in your account in accordance with section 2 below. We do this because it provides sufficient time for most claims, such as chargebacks, to be filed by other parties. These claims can result in financial loss. If your account balance is below zero, you’ll have to settle the amount owing on your account to avoid further action.
    Our first review at 30 days from the date of this email will calculate our exposure and we’ll release any excess funds to you at that time for withdrawal. We’ll communicate this to you at the time. This review can result in 3 different outcomes as detailed in sub-sections 2(1)-(3) below. We’ll always communicate the outcome of our reviews to you.
    We’ll release your entire remaining balance to you for withdrawal. Please note that if you choose not to withdraw the money at that point we reserve the right to re-coup any money at the next review; or
    We’ll release a part of your remaining balance to you. If this is the case we’ll inform you about how much money can be withdrawn. We’ll then conduct another review 30 days later that will repeat the process detailed under section 2; or
    We won’t release any funds to you if we deem our exposure to be greater than or equal to your available balance.

    Your account may be reviewed up to 5 times; at 30 day intervals until day 180 from the date of this email. If any money remains in your account at day 180 it will be made available for withdrawal at that point.

  32. Mihailo

    Ok so ive got like 3 accs on paypal (i am from serbia we dont have receivng option so i had to made them fake) about 1000e totall,should i be able to enter the same bank account to those 3 accounts,or i must close account,then enter and that so….(my uncle in germany account)

    • Tuan Do

      I tried this earlier but you can only link 1 bank account to 1 Paypal account at the same time. You can unlink or close the Paypal account but be careful, Paypal does not allow creating multiple Paypal accounts.

      • Mihailo

        What if i make 3x VCC? is that the same,can paypal see through the VCC?

      • Mihailo

        What if i make 3x VCC? on 3 different sites,and enter 1 on every paypal account,should i be able to take money?anyone tried that?can paypal see through Virtual credit card?

    • Chris

      I can help you with Virtual account to use in Withdrawing your funds from PayPal , but you need to have a card for the virtual accounts .

      • evans

        help me chris x

        • ChristianR

          help me chrisx, you’re my only hope!

  33. Boris

    Can you help me i got a problem with limitation maybe for to much disputes this is id what was paypal saying about what to do ??? PP-003-733-828-916

  34. myself

    so if you’re limited then all you do is wait it out for 180 days? bc i have 3k in my acct. and really want to know whats gonna happen with the money.

  35. jackorangela sperry

    Hello,my dear friend.My paypal account has limited.But I could not submit the information.What should I do now?How long could I withdraw money from the paypal?Could you help me?I am waiting for you response.My email is [email protected] QQ is 815356873.I come from China.I am really need help.Thank you very much.Have a nice time.Best wishes.

  36. Nilrodru

    Hi Tuan,

    I have created a fake paypal account with a fake name and VCC+VBA. They limited my account and now send me a mail to withdraw the fund. I am Asian not from US. Now to withdraw this found what should I do now? I have some relative in USA and If request for a check can I get this fund via my relative? Or let me know if have any other option. I have $550 in my account.

    I will be very grateful to you. Waiting for your kind help. Hope you will do a little bit help for me.



  37. Sunil

    my paypal is limited
    i have linked vcc it was working fine for 2 years and suddenly it was limited asking for card and so on
    it is holding for 180 days i think it will be available in may 2015,can i transfer that money and sent money to my friend as a friend

    • Tuan Do

      No you can’t. You have to withdraw to a bank account.

  38. Deepak

    I am new at paypal i work as a freelancer so i provided some services to my customers in usa and i took the payment through invoice feature. I live in India. It was going good and now yesterday i got email that my account is limited i can receive the money but cant withdraw it. Paypal is asking stupid things like invoices, proof of delivery, business regstratn, supplier info, etc. etc. Now i provided invoices but except that i cant provide anythng. I mailed them and talked to them but they again send me an email saying we are reviewing and pls send these documents, i really need my money and i want this account also so i can continue my work. I read on some blogs that if we tell paypal that we will files a case against them for holding our money then paypal removes the limitation very quickly. I am really confused what should i do ? Please help me

  39. Mike Garci

    hey whatsup man i have 2000 on my paypal and theyre asking for ssn #, id, supplier, and bank statement. problem is that this account is not in my name it is stealth what do you reccomend on me doing? should i photoshop it or what other options do i possibly have?

  40. Joe

    Hello Tuan Do is a nice thing you are doing here, helping out people with paypal problems. i have this problem. i have $6200 in my Paypal. by june it will be 180 days. want to ask can i use a bank account with a different name from the name in my paypal account to withdraw? am so confuse now pls kidnly help me. Paypal is USA Paypal. I recently linked a bank account of a different name to it. So wanna know if this would work, if any bank with any name will work.Thanks and hoping for your feedback

    • Chris

      If u succeeded to link a Bank account to the PayPal account and they accepted it , then u can withdraw to it . But if it was not yet linked , then it may be a problem for u .

  41. Patricia

    I have the same problem. My account got permanently limited yesterday morning. 1st got a mail that they need more info about 2 of my ireceived transactions from February. Posted pictures that they required and let them know via e-mail that I posted the pics on my paypal account and explained they were all gift money from friends to support my living expenses and school fees and I cannot wait 180 days. After an hour I got another e-mail that they do not like another 3 incoming transactions which were from the beginning of this month. These were also gifts. So mailed them again that they cannot be serious about this and repeated what I have said in my last mail, that the money was gift and I also notified my friends about this problem. Got another e-mail this morning repeating they will keep my money for up to 180 days and will review my account every 30 days because I have violated some policy rules! I have not, I have a personal account, not a business one! So I replied to them that this is no way to treat a long term and loyal customer and I feel like I am being discriminated and that my right are denied. They did not even sent me detailed info about how was I supposed to violate the rules! I have let them know that I want to solve this in a friendly manner, but if they do not return my money and make my account normal again, I can and I will contact organizations that will help me and also ask help from lawyers and court if necessary. Waiting for their next reply. But I will not leave this alone since the 353,66€ I had there were all my savings and by receiving gifts I do not feel like I have violated any policy rules!

  42. Nela Kvitova

    Hi ,

    I have received about 1400 usd and withdrew it to my bank account and the transfer has been completed , then after 1 day Paypal froze my account and said that i have to wait 180 days …i do not care as my balance is a 0 , my question is can Paypal do something to prevent me to get my 1400 usd ?


    • Tuan Do

      I know some cases that Paypal did reverse completed withdrawals. Let me know if you have received your money to your bank account.

    • Chris

      Yes PayPal can reverse it . PayPal did for a lot of People who complained about it to me . But they can not reverse that of a Prepaid card , but can reverse that of Bank accounts .

    • David Stoakes

      Nela Kvitova is a scam artist living in Novy Jicin, Czech Republic. Her boyfriend, Mohammed Mimi Lahlou is her accomplice. Do not facilitate her access to funds or educate her on money exchange apps. Do not answer any online communications from her. I have lost $1,000’s thru Paypal via this woman, and the struggle to avoid future fraudulent deductions from my account is on going

  43. Jonathan

    paypal limited my account and i have $6800 in it so in 5 days time from now it will be exactly 180 days. can i use any USA bank account with any name cos is USA paypal, Secondly will they ask me for Bank statement before i withdraw? cos they asked me bank statement last year during the time they limited it.Thanks would be grateful for answers.

    • Tuan Do

      No they won’t ask for bank statement when you withdraw your funds.

  44. Georgi Kalenderov

    I succeeded to withdraw my money immediately. They have limited my account but your trick get all the work done for two hours. Thank you, Tuan Do!

  45. kenny

    Tuan do . hey PayPal sent me a email saying . “,we recently noticed a pattern of account activity that, in our experience .is usually high risk . restricted activies identified in our user agreement. So basically they going to hold my money for 180days? If I wait 180 I will be able to withdraw my money right? Because my account is limited right now . please help . thank you

    • Tuan Do

      Hi Kenny,
      Your account is just temporary limited. If you can’t resolve the issue, your account will be permanently limited and Paypal will send you an email saying your funds will be available after 180 days.

  46. Abdirauf

    My account is limited i have received an email from paypal saying that they will hold onto the money until 180 days, so my question is that would i get access to the money after the 180 days are over?

  47. Tiger

    I had a PayPal account limited
    So I started up a fake one, with fake name
    But real bank details & cc
    I subsequently started one in my real name
    But my fake one which has my real bank details
    Has now been limited to I can show proof of name
    my account ( the fake one )
    Has $3500 in it that they won’t let me withdraw
    That I transferred from my real name
    As there are no bank details
    Should I come clean & hope for the best ?
    Or is there another way of getting my money ?

    • Chris

      U had to wait for 180 days , or you could possibly make a fake ID as well and send to them with the names on the account to match them up . Did you get the funds already ??

  48. Mudassar khan

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    • anne

      how i can send info to you?

    • Jeff

      What’s your contact info- send me your Skype or email address thanks

    • geoffrey

      did you have mail for contact you my friend

    • Nicolao

      Hello bro kindly contact me we need to talk no privacy here.

  49. Pamela

    Paypal froze my account said I loaded to many paypal cash cards said I had to wait 180 days to get my money. Talked to attorney he said if they hold your money they have to pay interest the whole time they holding it I have 3000.00 in mine went to transfer 1300.00 then they stopped transfer an closed my account an telling me this bs they will either give me my money pay me interest or go to court cause this is stupid

  50. JOhn

    Payapl is scam COmpany not thousands of users have millions which they are stollen from people i suggest you all please choose alternate payment processor leave paypal alone …. they are scam company

  51. Fred

    Hmm…. i have been using paypal for a very long time, if you register your paypal with fake name and address, there is a way to withdraw your fund after 180days and if you use your real information to register, is very simple to withdraw also after 180days,i used fake details to register and got my money after 180days, i do that all time, i withdraw for people here.

    • bella

      hi fred i had the same issue. i have 1 grand on my paypal account and i use fake identity but havent linked any card yet. now its more than 180days, i got my real debit card but wont let me link it and always sending an error message. what should i do?

  52. Claus

    My PayPal account has been limited today and I can’t withdraw my money. Where shall I go to request a payout to my bank?

  53. Benigno Mendoza

    Hi Tuan Do,

    I have the same issue as yours. Did you still submitted all the necessary documents that paypal ask you? And what happened to your other paypal with negative balance? Did you pay for it? Can you help me? Because there is no documents I can send paypal to uplift my limitation. Pleas help.

    • Benigno Mendoza

      Hi Tuan Do,

      Please help me. I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. WIll be waiting for your response.

      Thank you!

    • Tuan Do

      No I never paid for the old account with negative balance. I tried to submit my documents but Paypal told me I have to pay the debt of that account first. So, I’d rather withdraw my money and abandon both of the accounts.

      • Benigno Mendoza

        It helps… thanks!

  54. tea

    Hi Tuan Do,

    Paypal permanently limited my account and cannot be appealed, in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. what can I do now? It did not show that I can wait for 180days to get back my money. Is it I would not get back my money permanently?

    • Tuan Do

      You should contact Paypal and ask for an option to withdraw your money. They will permanently ban your account and send you an email saying you can withdraw your funds within 180 days.
      Hope it helps.

  55. james

    HI, we are accepting Paypal my cash vouchers but the problem is that how can i receive money in India my daily volume is $50,000 and currently we have major problem to receive payment in India from USA and can i buy bitcoin from Paypal or is there any way i can receive money please contact me.

  56. dave

    Hi! I need your help also! I did a fake paypal account with fake name. Than they limited it… and now im in the 180 days waiting period, what is terrible. I have 400Euro on my balance, and cos of the fake name im not able to give a bankcard to it, what else… paypal told they dont accept payoneer card any more. (I wanted to ask my money on it)… Any idea how and what i can do? Thanks!

  57. Marco

    hi Tuan Do
    i have a limited paypal.i created it with fake name and fake location(canada) while i am in another country.i have money in it and i dont know how to withdraw.what cna i do?i talked to them and explained the siatuation and one of the guys told me this acocunt is dead.

  58. Dawn

    Paypal permanently limited my account with over 500 dollars in it. I sent them email to about 20 email addresses telling them I wanted my money and that they could close my account. How long does it usually take them to respond and will I have to wait 180 days or will they usually release money to my bank account before that?

  59. Bob

    You are helping this woman steal money from unsuspecting Westerners. PayPal places holds for a reason. Should you become an identity theft victim you’ll be glad they do.

  60. vic

    Hey guys
    Expert help required
    I have US limited Paypal and I Have $ in this account and it’s 180 Completed.
    So i can withdraw my $(there is option for this) and i can add credit card and bank account also.
    But i use fake name when i created this US account, So, anyone can guide me how i can withdraw the $ from this account ?

  61. yumm

    I have sell my games video(clash of clan base) using ebay and customer already payment but i cant withdraw my money to account bank because my account was limited acces what should i do?how i want provide my shipping if i sell games video need help 🙁

  62. Maheerajput

    How many money withdraw : paypal to Bank Account in INDIA

  63. anonymous

    ok here is the thing.I am an indian.I made an account 6 years ago with a us type.It limited my funds and i have not been able to withdraw my funds for like 6 years because it got limited and it asks for address proof etc. I forgot it but now i am thinking to do something about it coz its a large amount of money there.What should i do?

  64. Rachael

    Hi guys they limited my account as they said there was too much money passing over , they wanted the supplier contact info , I sent they says wasn’t good enough thej I sent a invoice which was a receipt , wasn’t good enough… Will I just wait the 180 days then and get it then ?

  65. eddie

    Please help I opened an acc under an alias (a fake name) after a few months I comolu forgot used it for selling my items online my my acc was limited because my cred was 900 cred and 1800 pending all ligit and now I cant with draw my money or do anything its too late my items ate gone and I got no money please helo me olve this problem

  66. james

    Hi my PayPal account was permanently blocked because I was using my cash cards to load money on it they said it looked suspicions they are holding my money for 180days I contacted a state regulator and they said it was illegal for them to hold it for more than 10 days but I would have to get a lawyer..any suggestions

  67. PixieLify

    Hello! My paypal account was permanently blocked because I was using paypal of another country. Now i need to withdraw my money to US bank account. Can i do it instead my location isn’t US at all?

    I have payoneer account with card. Does paypal allow me to withdraw money to payoneer bank account?

  68. baby ricci madrigal

    hi i was wondering why paypal sent me an email thanking me for opening a u.s. bank account, but i never open any u.s. bank accnt.. i did add a bank account but it is a philippine bank accnt. i did rcv a confirmation on that one though, but what i am worried about is the email re: u.s bank account.. coz its been 2 weeks already that i made a withdrawal and that withdrawal is still not showing on my philippine bank accnt. please help.

    • Chris

      Its been long since you posted this . Have your Issue been solved yet ?

  69. James Rodrigo


    I have one question, can PayPal be used to send money to friends? Because that’s what I use it for, 1 year now, everything very good . Now all of a sudden they ask for Proof of Delivery and Proof of invoice but how can I have those things? Proof of delivery is that they completed the transfer and the money arrived. Can they ban me for not using PayPal to sell things and just for wire money to friends?

    Thank you

    • Chris

      No , they so at times , but you just need to call them and they will help you resolve this issue in less than not time since you do not have a disoute or received transactions .

  70. Jp

    Lol 180 days lol .. took me 1 day to recover all my funds not 180 days .. all you need to do is a family member or trusted friend file paypal claims for the amount in your account and dont respont to the emails and bam they refund that petson your money. . Hahaha F!/$/= you Paypal ……
    Got my 1365.98 back in 3 days

    • geri

      dear i recive 1900 pounds in my account from friend like a friend and family payment ,and of course paypal limited my account , now i want to refound her money but i have left only 1700 , should she send me 200 pound more for can i send to her 1900 or she need to claims for the amount that i have please help me ?

  71. zargham

    i have payment from MCN network freedom.butt after my 1st payment
    send from freedom paypal limited my account without any reason they don’t need any kind of verification.and i also cannot appeal.
    what should i do

    • Chris

      What type of account was it ? And how much was the amount you received ?

  72. Matt

    I got sent money for helping someone out on a game service which was $40 and my account got limited when trying to purchase something off ebay.

  73. Dinh

    Hi Tuan;
    I’ve another case, hope you can help me to handle this. My PayPal is my friend created for me and this account is in USA. But that info is not real. I was using this without problem. But until one day; PayPal request some info personal and details of some transaction then i asked my friend any info and i know all info not real. Inside now i have around 600$ and this got limited account.
    And one thing more is i lived in another country and paypal is created in USA.
    Any suggest to help. Please!
    Thanks in advance.

  74. Adrian

    I just got my account limited today. I literally just made my first sell and it was automatically limited. I did nothing to get my account limited. They are asking for proof of invoices and tracking numbers but the items I sell are bought from local sellers or just get them from stores. I can’t verify that stuff but they are looking for it. What can I do to resolve this?

    • Tuan Do

      You need to provide them tracking number and invoice of the product you sold. Did you ship it to your customer?

  75. Emy

    Hi , i need help , my account was limited , and PayPal want to verify my Id card , BANK account ,credit card and adress . My credit card was confirmed , But the problem is i dont have full name on PayPal like in id card and i dont have US BANK account , so i can’t confirm it … How can i refund money or confirm bank account ? My account was limited 3-4 days ago..

  76. Mamun Khan

    address exactly as they appear on your PayPal account.

    Valid as proof of address would be a copy of your passport, a utility bill (telephone, mobile phone, electricity, water, gas bill or similar) as well as a credit card or bank statement. The invoice must show your name and address exactly as they appear in your PayPal account and should not be older than twelve months.

    Please provide us with a copy of your driver’s license or passport. Please make the copy as large and as light as possible.

  77. Mamun Khan

    My paypal is limited for my scam.

    Paypal send me this email

    To resolve the limitation on your account we will need the following information.

    Please send in a copy of a recent utility bill showing your name and address exactly as they appear on your PayPal account.

    Valid as proof of address would be a copy of your passport, a utility bill (telephone, mobile phone, electricity, water, gas bill or similar) as well as a credit card or bank statement. The invoice must show your name and address exactly as they appear in your PayPal account and should not be older than twelve months.

    Please provide us with a copy of your driver’s license or passport. Please make the copy as large and as light as possible.

    But It is not possible to verify address, because i created Paypal in unsupported contry.

    How can I send money now?please give me a solution.

  78. DJ


  79. Nichy

    Hello Tuan Do. Please I have a question and I desperately need your reply. I’m from Nigeria and my country is not allowed to receive or withdraw funds with Paypal, but can make payments. I wanna open a Nigerian Paypal account. Can I link my Payoneer US virtual bank account to my Paypal account and make successful withdrawals into my Payoneer account from Paypal? I heard it works and is legitimately approved. Please reply and thanks in advance.

    • Auction Essistance

      PayPal doesn’t allow Payoneer anymore so the finding another option to get money out for international customers has been difficult.

    • Chris

      No. You can not do that in Nigeria .

  80. Zakaria

    Hello Thank you for your explanation preferred very much I registered calculates Canadian paypal and I’m not Knma and the title is also a Canadian and now my account is limited to a period of 180 days there will be only 20 days now how can I withdraw the funds upon completion Although I have none of Canada, thank you very much a lovely day

  81. renee

    paypal limited my account because I don’t want to provide my social number. also the account name is one of my family and she is not citizen. I don’t want to provide my social number because I don’t want they find out I use fake name and I won’t be able to use paypal forever.
    They sent second notice show if I don’t provide anything before 1/16 my account access may be further limited. If I am not going to do any action, can I withdraw my money after 180 days.
    I already add bank account before it has been limited. I don’t want to lose money. How can I do?
    Please help me
    thank you

    • Chris

      Yes you would be able to Withdraw your money after 180 days .

  82. Michael J.

    Hi there, I’m a bit late but I had a question about this and this article has been all that has helped at all. I have a limited account because it is unverified. I dont have a way to send in a photo ID or mail to prove my identity (I have no idea how I could without just taking a photo of my license and a piece of mail, and I don’t think that’s acceptable). I plan to start selling my action figures on ebay. I was wondering if once I recieve payment I can still transfer it to my bank account even with a limited account? I would test it out but I cant put any money in my paypal wallet to transfer XD.

    Thanks for reading,


    • Maddy

      Hi Michael, you cannot do anything now. No matter you provide your documentation they will not honor that. They will use your money first for 180 day. No sorry you cannot withdraw from limited account.

  83. Tony

    My account was limited just recently, but unlike what was stated here, it has nothing in the resolution center. I contacted Auction Essistance and they said if nothing is in the resolution center, it is a permanent limitation and there is nothing I can do to get it lifted.

    Is my account gone for good? I have over $2000 in there that I don’t want to lose!!

    • Maddy

      Hi Tony, they will hold that money for 180 days.
      They use our money first. They have the choice not to limit us but they still do to use our money first. Paypal really sucks! If you have other payment options to use dont ever use paypal.

  84. Maddy

    Hello Can someone help me, i tried to withdraw from my sales on ebay Jan 25. 2016 to my bank account from paypal account. In the middle the money was lost & didnt get a chance to reach my bank, i keep emailing & calling paypal they said they put a trace but until now which is Feb.18 didnt hear anything yet. Can you please help me what should I do? They limited my account asking all verification but i am not giving them because i know they will not restore my service no matter what I provide the,pm. Please help!

    • Chris

      Hello Maddy , this is May already . Have they sent your money to your account already ?

  85. Ana


    I got an email today from Paypal that my account was limited. I heard that there was a phisher email circulating around to Paypal users to get their information. So I decided to open an incognito browser and logged in to my Paypal account. However when I tried putting in my username and password. I got an error message saying, “We’re sorry, we can’t log you in. If you think there’s a problem with your account, contact us and we’ll help resolve it.”

    I clicked on “forgot password” and received an email from [email protected] to reset my password. I set my Paypal account last 2012 and I can’t seem to remember the answers to my security questions anymore, which is required for me to reset my password. The other option for me to reset my password is to input my bank account number, which I did not do.

    So now, I don’t what to do? I’m waiting for Paypal to open and will call them later but right now, I would like to get some advice or any suggestions of what I should do or should not do.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  86. Brenda

    Hi Tuan,I have a fake UAE paypal account with fake information on it. I was selling the products to my customers. The amount I have in my account 10K USD. I received an email to withdraw my funds after 180 days and then I have attached my Visa card and started to withdraw $500 funds to my CC but due to some issue with my card the amount got reversed to my paypal account. When I tried to add another card I received an error message below but I don’t have a valid Photo ID created on my paypal ID. Please help me out to resolve my issue and as soon as need to withdraw my funds.

    “”We’re concerned about potential unauthorized activity

    After you confirm your identity, we’ll walk you through steps to make your account more secure.

    Just to be safe, we want to make sure that this is your account.””

  87. Kerel

    I have a limited account so i cant add my actual bank account.

    What can i do?

  88. Sumit

    Hey Buddy

    when you get permission to withdraw money from your limited account, they also allow to send that money to other paypal account?

    • Tuan Do

      You must have a bank account.

    • Chris

      If you have another PayPal account still with your own names , you can call them and send a photo of your ID and ask them to transfer the funds to a the New PayPal account . So it is possible But it would be better for you to just withdraw the funds .

  89. krishna

    Hey, I have added money to my paypal account but I have some problems I can’t verified to my bank account. And I don’t have credit card.
    I have keosk account in India how can I withdrawal money.
    And net banking is needed or not for withdrawal. ?

    • Chris

      Is it a Personal Account or Bussiness account ?

  90. Vkim

    so basically I made a pay pal account but I already have one which is personal one I didn’t want to use my actual details.
    So I used a fake one only because my real ones were taken. I made another pay pal account for business purposes and I only realised now that YOU ARE ALOUD two accounts, one for business purpose and one personal. But I did not know that
    my account right now is frozen and limited and they want proof of my current Adress but I cannot give that as what I wrote was not true. Can you help me get my account back so I can get my money

    • Chris

      Yes we can provide for you Valid fake ID and other details needed with a Virtual bank account to get your money .

  91. Nuzzo

    Would anyone recommend to get a USA PayPal account from Auction Essistance to bypass Nigeria restrictions?

    • Chris

      Nuzzo , a US PayPal account is one of the worst PayPal accounts to ever think of working with while being out of the USA . Nigeria and Cameroon recently had PayPal is their countries and can only Make payments with Paypal linked to your card . No receiving nor Withdrawing and you can never by-pass that ok

  92. limcoln

    hello Tuan,. my account was limited but after six months they sent me an email last week informing me that i can withdraw the funds. in case i intend to add a card, must the card be mine since i do not a card of my own?

  93. Kevin

    Hello, my PayPal got limited and the money was made eligible for withdraw after 180 days were complete. My problem is that I dont have a US bank account and will hardly get coz am not from the US. So how else can I withdraw the funds?

  94. Bob Dobbs

    Nela is an international scam artist. Any help you give her helps her to play the sympathy card with older men, and then used whatever information she gets on your accounts to steal your identity and drain your bank accounts. It happened to me. Don’t help her.

  95. Dan

    Hey! I’ve waited 180 days and i got the email that I have access to my account but its still limited. HOW DO I TRANSFER MY MONEY? I cant send money to anyone or even add a bank account!

    • kelvin

      Can them to add a bank

  96. Arnold

    My UAE paypal got limited in January and after 180 i am now eligible to withdraw but i can’t seem to be able to add bank account still (i tried adding BOA account attached to my payoneer). The other option is adding my UAE bank account (i don’t have one since i am not from the UAE).

    • UK

      Did you manage to add your bank account to your paypal account after 180 days. And were you able to withdraw the funds to your BOA account?

    • Leen

      Same problem, did you manage to solve this so far? Please answer, your advice will tremendously help me

  97. Susan60

    My account was limited because I did no provide the Social Security number even as my sales area under 4K this year, I call the service center and they said they will not unfreeze it unless I give them my Social security number, I do not want to give them my number because they have been hacked before and all info stolen plus they are no a bank or credit agency to have my number.

  98. sonia

    My paypal account is limited but before my account got limited i already withdrawn the amount few days ago. And status show trznsfer to bank completed so will i get that money in my account or its freeze

  99. Ann

    Hi there my issue I’m sending money to friends and family but the one I’m sending her account limited she can’t get that money and she refunds to me but PayPal cancel refund ,she call PayPal so many times try to refund to me but PayPal they didn’t alow she fund to me bc her account limited ,now PayPal said to her tell me do claim with my banks ,if I do that it help me to get my money back please help

  100. Jo

    Paypal doesn’t want to let me withdraw my money. They just stole it.

  101. Nuzzo

    Has anyone tried using Auction Essistance for cashing out limited PayPal accounts?

  102. Mani

    i use PayPal since 5 years and never has problem but from last day its limited cant send money , cant accept money and i cant withdraw. i send my documents to PayPal last day but they not answer to me i sent them my ID CARD EXTRACT FROM THE CENTRAL REGISTER OF CIVIL STATUS but till now not any answer from PayPal.

  103. Brandon

    Heya! I have a U.S PayPal that has been limited. I reside in Canada, am I able to add a CANADIAN bank account to withdraw my funds? Or do I need a U.S bank account?

    Thank you.

  104. lewan

    hello . I will like to get your personal email contact so we can discuss business. I have a fake verified PayPal account but now limited having a sum of $2200 USD in it .. can you help with the withdraw after the whole 6months shit .tnx

  105. oby

    hello Sir,
    I really appreciate the help you are rendering in answering inquiries on how to withdraw funds from PayPal.

    please Sir, my question is how do I withdraw money from Nigerian PayPal account to my bank account in Nigeria because my local bank card was accepted and successfully linked?

    since it was successfully linked to local bank account will I be able to withdraw the money sent to me in my Nigerian PayPal account?

    if not, I have patience and I have still account, what should I do Sir? please help me with a plan and solution.

    awaiting your prompt reply Sir, thank you

  106. oby

    I have payoneer and skrill account, but the money is supposed to be sent to my PayPal, can I link any of them to PayPal successfully to receive my payments.

    thank you Sir

  107. Teong

    Im Fong, just wanna know about the limitation issue.

    After account been limited, all refund will go to account balance instead of the credit card or bank account am i right ?

    Can we cash out the balance immediately after limited ?

    this is what i saw from my limited account, just wanna double confirm …
    What can I do while my account is limited?

    withdraw money from your account
    update your account information
    use PayPal logos in your auction listings or on your website

  108. nuzzo

    Has anyone used Auction Essistance for getting money out of a limited PayPal account?

  109. rufus wiggins jr.

    i got caught filing a claim on myself. instead of a quick 500 im banned for life. 180 days is a long time to wait, i accidentally thought 3 months was 180 days so i contacted paypal but they shot me a foreign phone lady to talk some random nonsense about my locked account. 90 more days of hell i hope i remember.

  110. Leonel

    Hi, I have a problem where I cant withdraw my money from my paypal account, I tried withdrawing via check and I get this error “This is not a valid billing address. Please check it in your Profile and try again.” I tried also changing the address and even that doesn’t help. I tried also transferring to a bank account but since there wasn’t a bank account linked to the account before it was limited now that I try to add a bank account it wont let me it says and error about how this isn’t possible do to risk. I don’t know what to do I really want to get the money out but I cant PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Leen

      Same problem here, I have waited full year now trying to withdraw my funds after 180 days were done! All I get is misleading rude answers!

    • beyond

      same problem with me , cant provide proof of my address,

  111. Christine Cruz

    Hi, my PayPal account was also limited, I am unable to provide some of the documents they are requesting, so I sent an email to the escalations department asking for the release of my funds. They responded two days later and said they would make an exception and immediately release my funds (tho my account is still limited until all documents are received). Even a day after receiving this confirmation of “immediate release” of my funds, I am STILL unable to transfer to my bank account, transfer to PayPal debit card, send payments or make purchases using funds from the account. Has anyone else had this problem?? I REALLY need access to my money asap and am not sure what else to try. I’ve emailed twice and called asking about this but have not yet received a response from paypal.

    • beyond

      i got same problem with you, cant provide proof of address, now i can receive Money[ but only within 30days now, after that period if paypal still cant receive documents will not receive Money anymore] , cant send Money out and withdarw to bank account,

      i live in Australia, how about you christine

    • Roland Chenier

      Hi, my account is also limited and they are telling me to wait 180 days to refund my money. They owe my more than $200 that is on my Paypal balance and I have tried everything to solve this issue meaning I even called my financial bank and credit card and there is nothing they can help me with. PAYPAL ARE SCAMMERS ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR BANK/CREDIT CARD INFO AND MONEY THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, THEY PRETEND THAT THEY WILL HELP YOU BUT BOTTOM LINE THEY DON’T. If you ever come to solve this issue you have maybe it would be good to share it. Good Luck

  112. Nacho

    I got my PayPal limited and I had +$700 on it, how can I get those out when the 180 day period ends? I’m turning 18 in 7 months and my account was limited a week or so ago, should I create a payooner account when i’m 18 and transfer the funds? Or is there any other better solution?

  113. beyond

    i have same problem, more Money in paypal, paypal let me provided proof of address and passport scan, its new registered paypal account, never sell on ebay, only received 3 transcations Money, after received paypal limited my account ,give me 45days to resolve limit, terrible is im not australian Citizen, i hold one year working Holiday visa, just rent a room so mean No any bills with my name and address, i dont have any drving license, of course dont have local medicare card,no job mean No tax statement in there, so i cant offer any proof of address, didnt accept bank statement with address, i just want to Money back, i can close account wont use it anymore, its my leagal Money, why paypal sucks. its support my living cost, now im worry if cant resolve limit within 30days, paypal will restrict my account, so mean my Money has gone or No? anyone knows how to do it?

    Online waiting , [email protected]

  114. beyond

    i think we must work together, find a good lawyer to sue paypal,
    anyone agree? leave email address, we try to do that,

  115. Turki


    I have received $5000 as personal payment and they have limited my account and asked me to provide information like ID and proof of residence. I gave them all of that, then they sent me an e-mails saying that they will hold the money for 180 days and if there are no chargebacks they will let me withdrwal my money. Is there any way that i can do to make this process faster.


  116. Roland Chenier

    Hello people, Yes I do have an issue with Paypal, since February 3, 2017 I had a shipment that apparently was delivered to me from Canada Post.(I live in Canada) The item showed delivered but not to me, so I called Paypal to ask what can I do in this matter, just inquired about it she open a dispute right away, I was asking for info? what I did next is contacted Canada Post and they did their investigation and deemed the the shipment was lost in transit, they sent me by email a proof that the investigation they did deemed the parcel to be lost. I forwarded this email to Paypal and the seller to prove that I wasn’t dishonest. When this was done all information to prove that I wasn’t in the wrong Paypal as limited my account meaning no access to send/withdraw/purchase etc.. from this account.
    The seller was very honest an was refunded by Canada Post in regards to insurance he as put on the shipment. So go figure, if seller as been fully refunded by Canada Post don’t you think that Paypal wouldn’t recognize that the actual shipment was deemed lost and that i’m not in the wrong here? Now with this situation solved with Canada Post and the seller Paypal is still limiting my account because now they say that I have to many reverse charges for the past 13 years I’ve been with them as a customer. People out there are using Paypal to be protected with there purchases on Ebay and other sites, so if for any reasons that you don’t receive items you purchased and paid with Paypal, # 1 you are ask to contact the seller and try to resolve the issue, then if that is not working out then contact Paypal to step in. * what happens when seller is based in China area and they says that no worries we will resend to you today and 45 – 60 days later still not received, don’t you think that it is normal to proceed with a claim or should everyone in the same situation like me give out the money for free.(I’m not Santa Claus sorry). People work hard for their money and if Paypal is apparently here to help you I don’t see that happening. My story is much longer then this, but the bottom line is that as of today March 15,2017 Paypal as money from me and I have 3 other claims that they are not willing to help me with because of my limited account, so I get to loose this money also even if I have proof that the item never left there original country (to bad for me) Also Paypal is keeping my bank information, credit card information but why? the account will never be usable ever again. I WANT PAYPAL TO REFUND ALL MY MONEY ON MY ACCOUNT AND ALSO TO CLOSE IT. AFTER 13 YEARS AS BEING A CUSTOMER WITHOUT NEVER HAVING ONCE AN ISSUE OF PAYING FOR MY GOODS, PLUS THE 3% THEY CHARGE ON ALL YOUR PURCHASES THEY TREAT YOU LIKE DIRT.



    THANK YOU FOR READING if you want to know more

    EMAIL: [email protected]

  117. aggrey

    hello, I need some help, I have withdrawn some money from my PayPal account, shortly afterward I got a message that my account has been limited. it is an unverified account, I would like to know if the money I had withdrawn is likely to be affected by the limitation imposed. Thanks

  118. Mandy

    I got limited by PayPal and they won’t give me chance to appeal. I tried contacting them over and over again and they keep denying me! I have payments to accept and they do not care!

    I tried to create a new account, but they limited it shortly after.

    Has anyone used Auction Essistance to help them open up a new PayPal account?

  119. Q Farooq

    I have issue with my PayPal.
    My account was limited as they need more info about my business to lift my receiving limits.
    I put my documents but they do not accept them.
    Now 6 months passed.
    I have access on my account but can not withdraw. They did not block it.
    How i can get my money back ? Any solutions.

  120. elvin

    my account has been limit , due change mind withdrawing my balance money 1,000+$ usd,
    and now paypal want i send document identity, and review it, i send driver license ..after review in 2 days ..paypal find issue my name multiple account , i have 3 account, 1st diactive email, not found, 2nd premier limited, 3rd are personal i use its been 4 years now any help how i withdraw my money balance? ??

  121. ennato

    It seems that PyaPal just stealing users money in tricky way.
    I have the same frozen account and no explanation.
    Be care and don’t use PayPal if you can use alternative payment method.

  122. Eddie falcon

    Hello @Tuan Do !

    I am not sure if you still are available to answer queries . It seems its been awhile since you replied to the strings above. I have similar issues and needed help with it .

    I waited 180 days and now I got the Email mentioning I can withdraw the amount . I used a payoneer account which no longer works and am not able to withdraw it . Plus adding a new bank account is not a option . Can you suggest ?

    • Sunny

      Can you request a check?

  123. Shenan Wilson

    So my account is limited because of another account with my info and it’s taking forever for it to even say there looking into it (3 months) and nada is there a way to get the money from that account that doesn’t mean waiting longer (aside from the time it takes to transfer) because this is rediculs

  124. Miguel A Lopez

    my account has been limited paypal is asking me to verify my number which i don’t have a real usa number. I created the paypal account with USA address and details and have bought some few items online before it was limited. Please help me.

  125. Iren

    Hi, experiencing the same problem now. So meaning to say I have to wait for 6 months for it to be available for withdrawal?

  126. Lex

    Hi. My PayPal was also limited and I have hundreds on it. Am I allowed to request for a check when the account is limited? And when I request for a check do I have to link a bank account or credit card? Is the bank account or credit card a must?

  127. Victor

    hey i do have france paypal account and its been permantly limited with some balance as i did not added any bank account so whenever i m trying to enter bank details i keep getting an error which u posted above.

    i have no other way to withdraw fund as its fake account and i dont have valid documents . the documents which i photoshoped and sent already rejected a years ago.

    kindly help me out if you have any question or concern about. i would be really thankful if i get my money .

  128. Komal

    I have same problem with my account. I have $14400. Paypal didn’t offer its services in my country (Pakistan). So i personally think that i can’t verify my account. I was using this account in past through Payoneer USA bank account. And when i started transferring big amounts it get stuck. Now my only concern is to get maximum amount withdraw that I can. If any body here can help me to solve this issue? I’m also interested to sale my account. Please contact me if interested. Thanks.

  129. Leyshia

    I have over $2000 on paypal with paypal hold and limited m account. Paypal is a scammer and I need to know if there is anyone who know how to assist me from getting my money off paypal

  130. Eleftherios

    I have a ligitimate account with a ligimate bank account and sent my passport and drivers license but I set up the account not in my legal name! They won’t release the funds or change my name?? I’m from Australia

  131. Shiela

    If your account is limited in Paypal. Does it affect your Payoneer account? Will it be blocked also?

  132. Akinola fikayo

    My limited PayPal is available to cash out now after 180 days I received a mail on Sunday that my funds is now available to withdraw.
    I will be very glad if you can help me out. Just 173$

  133. Max Young

    I have a limited account that is ready for withdrawl, its been 180 days and it is a business account and there is no linked bank account and it won’t let me add one. paypal said it is my problem i don’t know what to do.

  134. Julianne Heinick

    My boss pays me through PayPal. I can’t get PayPal to understand that it’s my pay check. I’ve sent all the needed information from my boss and they still have me Limited to send. I can receive though. I think it’s bull if someone is using PayPal correctly and they are making people bend over backwards for their money. Can I use my PayPal business debit card on a limited account? That’s all I would like to know.

  135. kathlen

    hi. my account is limited and 180 past 2days ago,.. i use fake info . i try to send the m0ney to my real one but’s error! pls help can i add my real CC in a fake paypal, with different name?

  136. Christian

    Hey Tuno please help me to withdraw my paypal funds. I used a totally diffeent name and information and I have $1,000 that is on hold., Can you help me to withdraw it please? Its been more than 180 days since the day that they put it on hold. Thanks!

  137. Jessica Murphy

    PayPal should be put out of business for stealing people’s money an freezing it for 180 days…these a$$holes froze 1,288 in my account…this should be against the law for them to do…

  138. MKV

    hi, i have the same problem my account was placed under permanent limited restriction. and was advised that it will take 180 days to withdraw the funds. i have funds for $1300 there. so is it really 180 days, or 6 mos that i need to wait before i can withdraw my money? some one here were able to withdraw money sooner? thanks

  139. SAmuel

    Hi, i have a Kenyan paypal account with 1000 USD which got parmanetly limited i have waited for 180days received an email saying that i can now withdraw my money, but the problem is you cant withdraw the money through bank account and credit card in Kenya, kindly assist

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