My Youtube video is Not Eligible for Monetization, How to Fix It?

Youtube is among my best revenue stream, however, I had a serious issue when uploading my videos to the site. A couple of my videos had a crossed-out dollar sign, which means they are not eligible for monetization, as you can see in the image below.


I tried a few tips on the Internet, such as reuploading the video or changing video title but they didn’t work. Fortunately, I found out another solution which perfectly solved my issue. Here are the steps.

Scroll down to the bottom of your Youtube page, click on Help and choose Send Feedback.


A feedback window will appear, now you will need to type in the textbox and explain that you own all the materials used in the video or you’ve obtained permission from copyright owners. Click on Next.


In the next step, you will just need to highlight that specific video. Then, click on Next.


Review your feedback and click on Submit to finish the process.


All done. If Google finds your submission legit, they will turn on monetization for your videos. I had to wait about 3-4 weeks until I saw the blue dollar sign on this video again.

Have you got the same issue in your Youtube account? Share with us how you fixed it.

4 thoughts on “My Youtube video is Not Eligible for Monetization, How to Fix It?”

  1. My Adsense account got temporarily suspended for a month. After a month my account got activated.I had about 60 videos which are showing now not eligible for monetization.
    There are some videos which I created after my account got suspended however those videos I can be monetised.

    Can you please help me what should I do in order to enable my monetization in the videos.

  2. Hi
    I saw your post and need to support the same case. My call training videos got “not eligible for monetization”. Kindly me the solution. Even I sent my request to feedback.

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